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Ohio doctor accused of murdering 25 patients by overdose
A critical-care doctor in the US state of Ohio was arrested and charged with murder Wednesday in the deaths of 25 hospital patients who authorities say were deliberately given overdoses of painkillers.
Doctor plans to withdraw life support in French right-to-die case
The doctor of a Frenchman whose family has kept him alive in a vegetative state for a decade informed them that he plans to take the patient off life support this month, lawyers said Saturday.
Pakistan police arrest doctor after 90 infected by HIV syringe
At least 90 people, including 65 children, are believed to have been infected with the HIV virus in Pakistan by a doctor using a contaminated syringe, officials said Friday.
Doctor reveals European cities at risk of Ebola virus after suspected case
Ebola is a deadly virus infection that originated in Africa, and was responsible for a large outbreak in 2014. The European cities most at risk of Ebola symptoms have been revealed, after news of an outbreak scare in Sweden. Is the UK at risk of Ebola?
An egg a day keeps the doctor away?
The debate over whether eggs are good or bad for you seems to be unending, but here's a new study that scores one for the pro-egg team.
Texas army doctor surprises his wife at work in touching video
Dr. Alice Splinter thought she was going to see a patient. Little did she know, she'd be seeing her husband.
S. Sudan doctor wins UN refugee prize
A South Sudanese doctor who runs an overcrowded hospital with a dimly-lit surgical theatre and no regular supply of general anesthesia on Tuesday won the UN refugee agency's prestigious Nansen award.
Book lifts lid on litany of mistakes in Ebola outbreak that killed 11,300 people
A British doctor and Irish diplomat who worked on the frontline of the crisis in west Africa in 2014 say failures by international aid agencies and donors exacerbated the catastrophe.
The doctor is cooking
By Amitha Kalaichandran*
UK doctors refusing urgent surgeries due to bed shortage
Doctors in the UK have been refusing to perform urgent surgeries on patients with potentially fatal diseases due to serious shortage of intensive care beds in British hospitals.
UK‘s leading doctor: Think before going to GP
The UK's top GP says patients should take three basic steps before going to see their family doctor.
Type 2 diabetes: Seven signs you should see a doctor
Type 2 diabetes is increasingly common, and sufferers risk heart disease and blindness. These are the seven signs you could be suffering.
Doctor's research could buy time for snake bite victims
A researcher at the University of Arizona is experimenting with a new therapy to help treat rattlesnake bites.
Doctor reveals five ways to have a prefect night’s sleep
For those that suffer from poor quality sleep and disrupted Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REMS) cycles, sleep expert Dr. Chris Winter has revealed simple solutions to secure the perfect shut-eye.
Reasons to call doctor during pregnancy
With all of the hormonal, physical and emotional changes that happen during pregnancy, you’ve probably dealt with morning sickness, minor aches and pains and digestive woes.

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