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Doctors try 1st CRISPR editing in the body for blindness
Scientists say they have used the gene editing tool CRISPR inside someone's body for the first time, a new frontier for efforts to operate on DNA, the chemical code of life, to treat diseases.
Doctors average 16 minutes on the computer for every patient in US
For each patient they see, doctors spend about 16 minutes using electronic health records, a US study finds.
Older UK patients will lose out as doctors vote to end home visits
Older patients could be worst hit after family doctors voted to strip home visits from their core work.
Doctors warn of danger of 'feather duvet lung'
As winter approaches it might be tempting to curl up under a thick feather duvet, but experts have warned it might lead to more than just warm toes.
New report reveals alarming shortage of doctors in UK
Hospitals in rural and coastal Britain are struggling to recruit senior medical staff, leaving many worryingly ‘under-doctored’, a major new report seen exclusively by the Observer revealed.
Doctors warned to tell patients powerful asthma drug montelukast can cause suicidal thoughts or hallucinations
Doctors have been warned to tell patients that a powerful asthma drug can cause suicidal thoughts or hallucinations.
Sri Lankan doctors strike over salary ‘injustice’
Doctors at state-run hospitals across Sri Lanka began a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, demanding that the government resolve what they say is a salary “injustice.”
Doctors say new rule will mean sicker immigrants
Diabetics skipping regular checkups. Young asthmatics not getting preventive care. A surge in expensive emergency room visits.
Rome doctors warn of health hazards from city’s garbage woes
Doctors in Rome are warning of possible health hazards caused by overflowing trash bins in the city’s streets, as the Italian capital struggles with a renewed garbage emergency aggravated by the summer heat.
Doctors with almost no training in eating disorders leave anorexics feeling under pressure to get thinner
Doctors with just a couple of hours’ training in eating disorders are leaving anorexics feeling under pressure to get thinner to receive help, experts have warned.
DNA of new doctors ages six years in first 12 months on job
New research shows just how stressful starting a new career as a doctor can be: Stressful enough to have your DNA age six times faster than it normally would.
AI now better at predicting mortality than human doctors
As scientists continue to toil away at creating machine learning algorithms that will one day enslave humanity save us all, artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have discovered that computers are outpacing human doctors in a number of important areas.
Report highlights mental health crisis of British doctors
A new British Medical Association (BMA) report based on survey data has found a ‘severe mental health crisis among the country’s physicians and medical students.
Doctors: Spring cleaning good for your mental health
Spring cleaning isn’t just good for your home, it can actually lift your mood too.
Data protection rules will harm progress in Ireland’s healthcare, say doctors
Doctors involved in vital clinical research have warned that the Irish Department of Health’s interpretation of the new European data protection rules could force them out of research because of a requirement to obtain explicit consent before processing a patient’s data.

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