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Search going on for heartless UK man who abandoned dog
The UK’s top animal charity RSPCA has said that it is searching for a trace of a man who shocked many around the world by abandoning his pet dog on the street in a cold night weeks before Christmas.
Dog had maternity shoot and it's actually the cutest thing ever
Just when you thought you’d seen it all, we found a dog maternity photo shoot. Yes, you absolutely read that right.
Dog owner ‘walking’ his dog while driving down busy road
A dog owner was caught on camera walking his pet while driving Play. The animal, thought to be a whippet, was being dragged along by its lead through the window of a silver Nissan X-Trail.
Chinese firm clones gene-edited dog to treat cardiovascular disease
With his black, brown and white fur, Longlong looks like most beagles. But the puppy has been sick with a blood-clotting disorder since birth — exactly what scientists in China had wanted.
Firm unveils 'robot dog' that does the dishes
Google-owned robotics firm Boston Dynamics revealed its latest robot creation with a video showing the dog-like machine performing household chores.
Owners of dog which barked 43 times a minute fined
The owners of a dog which barked 43 times a minute for 20 minutes have been fined after council workers stood outside their property to monitor noise
Dog shot amid rumors of lion on the loose
A dog in Milwaukee was expected to make a full recovery after being shot in apparent mistake for a lion reported to have been prowling city streets, authorities said.
Dog acts as surrogate mother for chicks
Usually when you see the words ‘pit bull’ and ‘chicks’ in the same sentence, it also contains the words ‘horrific scenes’ and ‘feathers everywhere’.
Dog drives owner's car into swimming pool
A dog drove its owner's truck into a swimming pool after jumping on the accelerator pedal during a journey to the shops.
Dog  runs to hospital to comfort owner
A mini schnauzer who wanted to see her owner in the hospital escaped her home and ran 15 blocks to visit her.
Meet the dog who thinks she's a kangaroo
You would be forgiven for thinking that dogs and kangaroos have little in common.
Dog blood transfusion saves cat's life
Marathon Veterinary Hospital veterinarians in the Florida Keys saved Buttercup the cat's life with a transfusion of compatible dog blood.

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