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Iraq officially removes US Dollar from Iran trade
Iraq indicated that it has officially removed the US dollar in trade with Iran by announcing a legal limit for passengers to carry along Euros - instead of the customary US Dollars - into the Islamic Republic.
Dollar out, Yuan in: Iran changes benchmark currencies
Iran has removed the US Dollar from its official currency rate reporting platform and replaced it with China’s Yuan in an effort that the media in Tehran say could be a key step toward ditching the greenback in trade.
Downstream firms to receive petrochemical feeds based on official dollar rate
Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade plans to provide downstream companies with petrochemical feedstocks on the basis of the official exchange rate for the US dollar which is about 42,000 rials, said the secretary of the Association of Petrochemical Industry Corporations.
From Nigeria to Iran, nations begin ditching dollar
The number of countries switching to national currencies to settle bilateral trade deals is growing in the face of the US weaponization of the dollar.
Iran currency at a record low
Iran’s currency plunged to another record low on Sunday, dropping past 100,000 rials to the US dollar following US decision to reimpose sanctions against Tehran after unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in May.
Iran opens secondary forex market to ease dollar shortage
Iran launched a secondary market for foreign exchange to ease a dollar shortage.
EU plans to ditch dollar for Iran oil payments
The European Union plans to switch to the euro for oil purchases from Iran, eliminating the US dollar as the two sides work to protect bilateral trade against possible American sanctions, a report said.
Iranian economist: Dumping dollar 'logical', 'admissible'
An Iranian economist has hailed plans by the government of President Hassan Rouhani to replace the dollar with the euro in foreign-currency accounting as 'logical' and 'admissible'.
Iran switches from dollar to euro for official reporting currency
Iranian government institutions will start reporting foreign currency amounts in euros rather than US dollars, as part of efforts to reduce reliance on US currency.
Euro to replace US dollar in trade transactions: CBI governor
The decision to replace the US dollar with euro in foreign trade transactions will be implemented with greater determination this year, said the governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI).
Veep puts dollar rate at 4,200 Tomans as of Tuesday
First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri said late Monday that US dollar will be sold for 4,200 Tomans as of tomorrow (Tuesday).
US dollar reaches record high against Iran's rial
Iran's national currency, the rial, plunged by more than six percent against the US dollar in the free market on Sunday thus maintaining a depreciation streak that began a few months ago.

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