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Switzerland of the Middle East unravels
By Alison Tahmizian Meuse*
Iran saving millions of dollars by overhauling choppers: Defense minister
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami praised the country’s experts for overhauling military helicopters, which he said has helped the Islamic Republic to save millions of dollars and reduce costs by more than 50%.
Iraq recovers million dollars' worth property
The Iraqi government said Wednesday it had retaken ownership of a piece of property in Baghdad worth millions of dollars after it was unlawfully sold to a government official's wife.
World stocks post best week in 2 years, dollar climbs
The dollar rose and stocks around the globe rallied for a sixth straight session to post their best week in more than two years, but a US indictment over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election cooled gains on Wall Street.
Can gender gap be measured in dollars only?
Until a decade or so ago, experts and world organizations measured the impact of natural and man-made disasters in terms of human losses. For instance, they would inform about the number — and suffering — of human beings falling victims of extraordinary floods, droughts, heat or cold waves, and armed conflicts. This is not the case anymore.
Trump boasts of making billions of dollars, millions of jobs for US
US President Donald Trump has boasted that he has “made and saved” his country “billions of dollars and millions of jobs” during his first overseas visit as he arrived at its final destination in Sicily, Italy.
US-built munitions worth of millions of dollars found in Aleppo: Report
Syrian government forces have discovered hundreds of boxes loaded with US-made ammunition in the eastern quarters of Aleppo as they comb various neighborhoods of the recently liberated city for ordnance and military equipment left behind by foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants.
Kerry: Iran absolutely deserves access to US dollars
US Secretary of State John Kerry said Iran deserves access to US dollars out of fairness because Tehran has met its core obligations under the last year nuclear agreement.
Obama: Iran nuclear deal successful so far
US considering easing curbs on using dollars in deals with Iran
US spending billions of dollars on Afghan ‘ghost soldiers’
The United States is spending billions of dollars on Afghanistan's “ghost soldiers,” who only exist only on paper, a report says.
Tens of millions of dollars will be spent to 'quash Iran agreement': Report
Several Jewish groups in the US have planned to “spend tens of millions of dollars on a lobbying campaign to quash” a recent nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers, according to a report.
Chuck Hagel to Order Overhaul of Nuke Force Management
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has vowed to put billions of dollars in investment over the next five years to overhaul the country’s deadly nuclear weapons arsenal.

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