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Bahamas drowning in flood of donations after Dorian
In the hurricane-battered Bahamas, the government and charitable organizations are struggling to cope with the incoming flood of donations, a global surge of solidarity that is often excessive and sometimes useless.
Number of people giving donations in South Korea drops
The number of people giving donations to charity dropped sharply over the last six years, government data showed.
Annual donations to UK universities pass £1b
Philanthropic donations to UK universities have exceeded £1 billion a year for the first time, according to a new survey.
UN says donations needed to avert death of 75,000 starving Nigerian kids
The United Nations warns that tens of thousands of children will die in northeastern Nigeria over the next year if international donors don't rush to help them.
Clinton gets more donations from arms industry: Report
American weapon manufacturers have made bigger contributions to the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, a major turnaround after years of backing the Republican ticket.
Donations to restore Great Barrier Reef could dry up if land clearing continues
Private investment in work to restore the Great Barrier Reef is likely dry up if the Queensland government fails to pass tighter land-clearing laws, warned Australia’s biggest environmental philanthropist, David Thomas.
Trump raised over $80mn in July donations
US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has raised more than $80 million in July, a figure that nullifies reports about his collapsing campaign.
Cameron urges donations to alleviate plight of Syrian refugees
British Prime Minister David Cameron has called on the international community to show generosity in helping Syrian refugees.
Trump: I don’t want any strings attached to donations
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said lobbyists and special interests will not influence his 2016 campaign.
Iran’s organ donations low
Up to ten patients who are in desperate need of organ transplant lose their lives in Iran every day, said the head of Health Ministry's Transplant and Rare Diseases Office.
Leader makes donations for release of needy prisoners
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei donated over rls.1.5 billion to the release of needy prisoners.

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