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Iran, China, Russia launch joint massive naval drills
Iran, Russia and China started a four-day joint maritime exercise in the Indian Ocean and the Sea of Oman with the aim of improving the security of international maritime trade and countering piracy and terrorism.
Army launches military drill in northwest Iran
The Iranian Army’s Ground Force staged a war game in the country’s northwestern regions near the border with Turkey on Wednesday.
Scientists prepare to drill for million-year-old ice in Antarctica
Million-year-old ice buried deep in Antarctica could hold crucial information about the planet’s past and help climate predictions.
Iran’s Navy launches second day of its drill in Caspian Sea
The Iranian Navy launched the second day of its massive war game in the territorial waters of the Caspian Sea, employing its missile-launching warships and helicopters as well as Navy commandos.
Iran, Russia to hold drill in Persian Gulf
Iranian and Russian military forces will stage a rare naval drill in the Persian Gulf later this year, the commander of Iran’s Navy said Monday.
North Korea condemns US-South Korea military drill
North Korea decried a scaled-back military drill between the US and South Korea Thursday, calling it a “violent violation.”
US, South Korea to end key joint military exercises
The US and South Korea announced Sunday an end to key annual large-scale military exercises in support of diplomatic efforts to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program.
Navy flies drones, fires missiles in second day of drill
The Iranian Navy flew patrol, reconnaissance and bomber drones during a military drill underway in the country’s southern waters.
Army launches drill in central Iran
The Iranian Army’s ground forces have begun a massive military maneuver in the central province of Isfahan.
Navy commander: Iran to stage military drill in Indian Ocean
Iranian naval forces plan to stage a large-scale drill in the Indian Ocean to boost and put on display the country’s military prowess, a senior commander said.
Iran holds air defense drill
Iran’s Armed Forces launched an annual air defense drill to test their capabilities in defending the Islamic Republic’s airspace against a wide range of threats, using an array of advanced weapon systems.
Hole responsible for space station leak caused by drill, not meteorite, Russia says
The hole that caused a slight air leak and a depressurization event on the International Space Station last week was caused by a drill hole.
Iran’s IRGC confirms holding drill in Persian Gulf
Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) spokesman on Sunday confirmed that the military force conducted military drill in the Persian Gulf this week with the aim of securing the strategic waterway and deterring potential threats posed by the enemies.
Iran, Oman to hold joint naval exercise
Military forces from Iran and Oman plan to hold a joint naval exercise in the Persian Gulf in the coming days, the deputy chief of staff of the armed forces for international relations said on Saturday.
Taiwan scrambles jets to follow Chinese aircraft holding drill near island
Taiwan says it has sent aircraft to follow Chinese fighter jets in flight during a combat simulation drill over a strategic South China Sea waterway.

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