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Experts say China's anti-poverty drive helpful for other countries
China's efforts and success in poverty reduction can help other developing nations, said experts observing the country's ongoing Two Sessions.
How to drive a robot on Mars
Some 78 million miles (126 million kilometers) from Earth, alone on the immense and frigid Red Planet, a robot the size of a small 4x4 wakes up just after sunrise. And just as it has every day for the past six years, it awaits its instructions.
Scientists develop blood test which can tell police if you're too tired to drive
A new blood test could soon help police identify drivers who are too tired to be on the road.
Drive for selfie perfection may be bad for health
Photo-editing tools that make people look more perfect online than in real life may be a health threat, medical experts warn.
Don't talk and drive
In their detailed analysis of dozens of empirical studies on the effects of talking while driving, human factors researchers have provided a comprehensive and credible basis for governments seeking to enact legislation restricting drivers' use of cell phones.
Banks help to drive global growth in dividends
The pace of global dividend growth grew in the second quarter of 2017, thanks to more evenly spread economic growth and a revival in banking sector payouts following years of stress tests that have eroded profitability.
South Asia floods kill 700, drive 1 million from homes
The confirmed death toll passed 700 and more than a million were driven from their homes as large swathes of South Asia reeled under monsoon floods Sunday, officials said.
Scottish leader launches new independence drive
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Friday launched a major new survey on independence, saying the Brexit vote had changed the conditions that existed when Scotland voted against secession in 2014.
Rouhani calls for global anti-terrorism drive
President Hassan Rouhani called for a global campaign against terrorism, expressing the Islamic Republic’s readiness to cooperate with its neighbors, including Arab countries, in such a campaign.

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