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10 Yemeni drones attack Saudi oilfield
Yemeni forces launched drone strikes on an oilfield affiliated to Saudi Aramco in the east of the kingdom.
Farmers use tech to squeeze every drop from Colorado River
A drone soared over a blazing hot cornfield in northeastern Colorado on a recent morning, snapping images with an infrared camera to help researchers decide how much water they would give the crops the next day.
India rethinking US drone purchase after Iran’s downing of Global Hawk
The Indian Air Force (IAF) is reconsidering the purchase of 30 American drones for an estimated $6 billion, after Iran shot down US Navy’s RQ-4 Global Hawk drone with homegrown Khordad 3 air defense system in the Persian Gulf last month.
Yemenis launch retaliatory drone attacks on Saudi air base
Yemeni armed forces have conducted drone strikes on King Khalid air base in Saudi Arabia's southwestern Asir Province in retaliation for the kingdom’s massive bombing of Sana'a early Saturday.
Iran dismisses US claim of destroying Iranian drone
Iran on Friday denied the United States had downed one of its drones, saying all Iranian aircraft were accounted for and jesting Washington may have accidentally hit their own machine.
Iran’s IRGC targets terrorists along Iraqi border
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) staged a multipronged offensive on terrorist positions along the Iranian border with Iraq’s northern semiautonomous Kurdistan Region, inflicting heavy losses on them.
Russia: Downed US drone was in Iranian airspace
Russia has military intelligence that shows that a US drone was in Iranian airspace when it was shot down by Iran last week, Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said on Tuesday.
Zarif: B-Team tried to trap Trump into war with Iran
Iran gives evidence of US drone aggression in May
Rouhani: US drone's intrusion stokes tensions
President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said the United States is stoking tensions in the Persian Gulf through the violation of Iran’s airspace by a US military drone, which Tehran shot down.
Trump says will be Iran's 'best friend,’ thanks for not downing US plane
US President Donald Trump said that he would be Iran's "best friend" and that the Islamic republic could be a "wealthy" country if it stopped pursuing nuclear weapons.
Yemen conducts drone attacks on Saudi airport in Jizan
Yemeni armed forces launched fresh drone attacks on the airport in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Jizan region.
Yemeni forces launch drone attack on warplane hangars at Najran airport
Yemeni armed forces launched another retaliatory drone strike against an airport in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Najran region, this time targeting hangars housing the regime’s warplanes.

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