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Should homework for children during holidays be banned?
Parents of children returning to school in the UK this week after the half term break have been grumbling about the homework their kids had to complete during their time off.
What do plants, animals do during an eclipse?
Many accounts of solar eclipses include tales of animals behaving strangely: Birds fall silent. Bees return to the hive.
Students walk out during Pence's speech at University of Notre Dame
A group of graduates at Indiana’s University of Notre Dame have walked on US Vice President Mike Pence during a commencement speech, to protest President Donald Trump’s discriminatory policies against Muslims.
Protesters slam 'mother of all bombs' during Washington rally
US protesters have staged a demonstration in the capital Washington to denounce last week’s use of the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan and other US military interventions around the world.
During drought, dry air can stress plants more than dry soil
Newly published research by Indiana University scientists finds that low relative humidity in the atmosphere is a significant, growing and often under-appreciated cause of plant stress in hot, dry weather conditions.
Why does moon turn red during total lunar eclipse?
An oversized ruby-colored sphere rising in the sky as a total lunar eclipse turns the normally pallid moon scarlet is enough to make some people swoon.
Clashes break out during anti-racism demo in Germany
Scuffles have erupted between police and people protesting against the activities of the far-right German party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has recently gained support due to its anti-refugee rhetoric in the Western European country.
US pilot dies during flight, forcing plane to make emergency landing
An American Airlines pilot has died on a red-eye flight from Phoenix to Boston, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing
90 arrested during Dutch protests
Police in the Netherlands have arrested 90 people protesting for and against a controversial figure called Black Pete in a traditional celebration.

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