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300 flood-hit families sheltered in southeast Iran
Spring snowfall blankets northwestern province
Dust storms spotted on Saturn's moon Titan
Saturn's largest moon, Titan, is a world most similar to our own, with a considerable atmosphere, lakes and weather patterns. Now astronomers have discovered yet another way in which Titan is like our planet: Dust storms.
Mars dust storm clears and raises hope for lost NASA rover
As massive dust storms on Mars finally come to an end, NASA hopes to reconnect with its Opportunity rover for the first time in nearly three months.
Massive Martian dust storm continues to threaten Opportunity Rover
For months, a global dust storm has been raging on the surface of Mars. And now, it could be threatening the functionality of the longest-lived NASA robot exploring its surface.
Iran ready to cooperate with West Asian nations to combat dust storms
Iran on Tuesday announced preparedness to cooperate with other West Asian states to control the pollution caused by dust particles and storms.
Dust storms drag New Delhi air quality back to dangerous levels
Air quality in New Delhi plummeted to a dangerous level on Wednesday, putting residents at risk, mainly due to dust storms from western India, a senior official at the pollution control board said.
77 killed as powerful dust storms hit north India
Dust storms tore across northern India, killing at least 77 people and injuring 143, as trees and walls were flattened by powerful winds, officials said Thursday.
UN official says body willing to cooperate with Iran on dust storms
A regional institution of the United Nations' Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is ready to cooperate with Iran in fighting the negative effects of sand and dust storms in the country, a senior official of the institute said on Wednesday.
Dust storm cancels flights, shuts schools in Khuzestan + video
Dust storm in southern city of Ahvaz in Khuzestan Province on Friday canceled and delayed several flights and caused the postponement of a football match.
Iran-drafted resolution to combat dust storms approved by UNGA
The Islamic Republic of Iran’s proposed resolution titled “Combatting Dust Storms” was approved unanimously at the second committee of the UN General Assembly.
New decisions made to help dust storm affected citizens
Deputy interior minister said Sunday that new decisions have been taken to provide assistance to Iranian citizens who have been affected by more than two weeks of dust storms in southwestern provinces.

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