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Huge hurricanes can create 'stormquakes', scientists discover
Scientists have discovered a combination of two feared natural disasters — hurricanes and earthquakes — and they have dubbed them "stormquakes".
Minor earthquakes reported near UK fracking site
Minor earthquakes have been reported near a fracking (hydraulic fracturing) operation site in northwest England where people continue protesting against the environmental damage of the controversial gas-extraction operation.
Earthquakes can penetrate deeper than previously thought
Scientists have found evidence of seismic activity at depths of 15 miles beneath Earth's surface, proof that earthquakes can penetrate much deeper than previously thought.
Indiana stalagmites may tell history of local earthquakes
Evidence of ancient seismic activity in the Wabash Valley fault system may lie on the floor of several southern Indiana caves.
Nou Mosque
The name of Masjed-e Nou (new mosque) ― which is known as Nou Mosque ― was the Atàbak Mosque in older times. However, since it was damaged several times in the years 1789 CE and 1852 CE by severe earthquakes, and was rebuilt a new, it became known as Nou Mosque (new mosque).
Earthquakes don’t kill, buildings do
Seventy-year-old Chiute Tamang was working in his field when the earth shook Nepal on April 25. He grabbed a tree. His wife and daughter were inside the house at the time, but managed to run out. In the blink of an eye, the building turned into a heap of stones. They were the lucky ones.
Chinese use animals to predict earthquakes
Chinese scientists are using animals to try to predict when an earthquake may strike. Seismologists in Nanjing, the capital of eastern Jiangsu province, have set up seven observation centers at zoos and animal parks in the region, the Modern Express website reported.

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