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Canadian schoolchildren eating better than they used to: Study
Schoolchildren in Canada ate higher quality foods but still not enough dark greens in 2015 compared to those in 2004, according to a new University of British Columbia study.
What does an eating disorder look like in US males?
You might be surprised to learn that eating disorders will affect 10 million US males at some point in their lives.
Eating more fruit, vegetables is more efficient way of improving gut bacteria
Improving gut bacteria could help curb anxiety, according to a review of medical studies.
Eating mushrooms may slow or even reverse mental decline: Study
Eating more mushrooms could help keep mental decline at bay, a new study of over 600 Singaporeans aged 60 and above showed.
New plan to treat eating disorders in Scotland
New guidelines are to be drawn up to help support the care of patients with eating disorders in Scotland.
Eating junk food can raise risk of bipolar disorder, depression
Feeling depressed? It's time to cut out the unhealthy junk food from your diet as it increases the risk of psychological disorders including bipolar disorder and depression, said researchers.
Eating nuts tied to lower heart disease risk for diabetics
People with diabetes who regularly eat nuts may be less likely to develop heart disease than their counterparts who rarely, if ever, consume nuts, a US study suggested.
Eating too quickly can lead to health problems
Studies have shown that eating too quickly can lead to several health problems, including putting on weight and an increased risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.
Why late-night eating may hurt your heart
Late-night meals may take a toll on heart health, a new study suggested.
Jurassic-era piranha world's earliest flesh-eating fish
Scientists unearthed the fossilized remains of a piranha-like species that they say is the earliest known example of a flesh-eating fish.
Multi-country study: Eating junk food raises risk of depression
Eating junk food increases the risk of becoming depressed, a study has found, prompting calls for doctors to routinely give dietary advice to patients as part of their treatment for depression.
Eating breakfast burns more carbs during exercise
Eating breakfast before exercise may ‘prime’ the body to burn carbohydrates during exercise and more rapidly digest food after working out, University of Bath researchers have found.
Vegans and vegetarians may think they’re 'eating healthy.' They’re not
More than 7 million Americans are now vegetarian, and more and more are converting every year. The number of vegans in the US increased by 600 percent between 2014 and 2017.
Is it true that eating alone is bad for you?
While many people enjoy eating alone, recent headlines have been quick to scream that it has a dark side. But is it really bad for you?
Improperly recycled refrigerators not enough to explain rise in ozone-eating gas
Despite reports that improperly recycled refrigerators in China could explain a recent uptick in chlorofluorocarbon emissions, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientist Steve Montzka suggested the new mystery source of CFC-11 remains unaccounted for.

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