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French, Italian economies shrink in blow to Europe’s recovery
The French and Italian economies unexpectedly shrank at the end of 2019, casting a shadow over expectations the euro area was on a firmer footing.
Debt in developing economies rises to record $55 trillion
Emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) pushed their borrowing to a record $55 trillion (£42 trillion) last year, according to the World Bank, marking an eight-year surge that is the “largest, fastest and most broad-based in nearly five decades”.
India continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies: RBI official
India continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world despite a host of challenges including global economic slowdown, according to a senior official of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
Developing economies’ subordinate financialization
By Jomo Kwame Sundaram & Michael Lim Mah*
Three of Europe's biggest economies are probably in recession — ECB is out of bullets
Europe could be about to hit a crisis, as three of its largest economies are tanking at the same time.
Depopulation threatens economies of eastern European countries
Nine of the countries at risk of losing citizens in the upcoming decades are eastern European nations, whose young populations head to western Europe to find work, according to a Bloomberg report based on UN data.
Advanced economies need migration to boost labor: IMF
Aging populations in advanced economies drain the labor force and could slow economic growth, but allowing an influx of immigrant workers could counteract that decline, the International Monetary Fund says.
Iran among world’s top economies by 2050
A recent study shows that Iran will be among 32 most powerful economies in the world by 2050.
India rises rapidly among most competitive economies
India has risen rapidly among all countries in the global competitive stakes by climbing 16 notches to the 39th position during the past year in the WEF’s Global Competitiveness Index.
Trade views in advanced, developing economies differ
Developing countries and advanced economies differ greatly in their level of "skepticism" towards international trade and foreign investment, a study of people across 44 countries revealed.
The economics of hosting World Cup
Available indicators of Brazil’s economic activity during the 2014 FIFA World Cup are as dismal as the performance of its national team during the tournament.

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