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Chalus Road a landmark scene and ecotourism hub
Chalus is not just a road; it's spectacular sight-seeing tourist resort to fill your time if you're not a traveler to the north of Iran.
Rwanda to Build Ecotourism Park in Kigali
Rwanda’s capital city Kigali will be home to a 134 hectare urban park in the city’s biggest valley in 2020. The Nyandungu Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park will conserve wetlands and habitat for wildlife while providing walking and cycling trails, fish ponds and botanical gardens for residents and tourists.
Digging into culture, ecotourism
Two-thirds of Appalachia's coal industry jobs have disappeared since the 1990s. Now the region is hoping tourism will help rebuild its economy by tapping into history and its rugged natural beauty.
Isfahan boasts highest number of ecotourism resorts
Cultural Heritage Desk There are 365 ecotourism resorts in Iran, of which the highest number is located in central province of Isfahan, said director general of Iran's National Ecotourism Committee.
Ecotourism lodgings to be set up in Abarkuh
A number of traditional ecotourism lodgings will be established in Abrakuh, Yazd Province, said the head of Abarkuh Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.
Ecotourism workshop due in Tehran
An educational workshop themed 'Tehran Ecotourism in the Course of Time: From Safavid until Contemporary Era' will be held on Dec. 16 to mark the National Day of Research.
Ecotourism boom can put wildlife in danger
Many tourists today are drawn to the idea of vacationing in far-flung places around the globe where their dollars can make a positive impact on local people and local wildlife. But researchers writing in Trends in Ecology & Evolution say that all of those interactions between wild animals and friendly ecotourists eager to snap their pictures may inadvertently put animals at greater risk of being eaten.
Lordegan beauties intact
Lordegan in Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari province has been turned into one of the most ecotourism sites of the country. Its beauty doubles in spring.
Kelardasht: An ecotourism hub
Kelardasht in the northern province of Mazandaran is one of the ecotourism hubs of Iran.

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