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Britain must urgently bridge policy gaps to meet emissions target
Britain must urgently lay out further policies to meet its domestic emissions targets, the government’s climate advisers said.
Researchers discover higher environmental impact from cookstove emissions
Cookstoves are a central part of millions of homes throughout Asia: Families often use readily available and cheap biofuels — such as crop chaff or dung — to prepare the food needed to survive.
Switching to organic farming could cut greenhouse gas emissions
Converting land from conventional agriculture to organic production could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the run-off of excess nitrogen from fertilizers, and cut pesticide use.
CO2 emissions still rising, scientists warn UN
Scientists’ predictions that carbon emissions had peaked were actually far too optimistic and they will continue to rise this year, according to a major new study.
Car industry ubpeat after sales drop on new emission tax
Punitive taxes on new cars, which sent vehicle sales into freefall in their first month, are still putting the brakes on the industry, new registration data are likely to show this week.
Automakers hope to reach US deal on vehicle emissions
A trade group for automakers said it hopes to reach a deal with California and the Trump administration over vehicle fuel efficiency standards.
Diesel emissions: the clues were there
It is amazing that the Volkswagen and diesel emissions scandal was not discovered earlier. In 2003 nitrogen dioxide alongside London’s Marylebone Road increased by around 20 percent.
UK carbon emissions drop to lowest level since 19th century
The UK’s carbon dioxide emissions have fallen to their lowest level since the 19th century as coal use continues to plummet, analysis suggests.
Carmakers rev up emissions cuts as tough rules loom
Global carmakers, stung by emissions scandals, are racing to hunt down every gram of harmful CO2 spewed out on the roads as tougher pollution rules kick in.
State renewable energy targets 'will be vital to meet emissions goals'
State-based renewable energy targets are becoming essential drivers of Australia’s carbon reduction framework and, based on current policy settings, will be vital for Australia to meet its 2030 emissions targets, according to a report by the energy consultancy RepuTex.
China plans emissions cuts, public transport boost
China plans cuts in major sources of air pollution including sulphur dioxide and will promote more public transport in large cities, the government said late on Thursday, as the country's north grapples with a lingering smog crisis.
UN climate chief: No doubt world will shift to low emissions
Climate negotiators started work on Monday on implementing the Paris Agreement on global warming amid uncertainty over how the US election will impact the landmark deal as temperatures and greenhouse gases soar to new heights.
China announces plan to curb carbon emissions
China has announced a plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions over the next several years, while capping coal consumption and increasing the use of non-fossil fuels.
Canada will tax carbon emissions to meet Paris climate targets
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada will impose a tax on carbon emissions starting in 2018 as part of its efforts to meet targets set by the Paris climate change accord.
EU will take action against states over car emissions
The European Union will take legal action against some member states for failing to police car emission rules, its industry commissioner said on Friday, and is stepping up efforts to seek redress for consumers cheated by Volkswagen.

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