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Japan's 2017/18 CO2 emissions drop to 8-year low
Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped 1.2 percent to an eight-year low in the financial year ended March 31, 2018, government figures showed on Tuesday, due to an increased use of renewable energy and higher utilization of nuclear plants.
Agriculture sector needs a step change on emissions
By Cathal Buckley and Trevor Donnellan*
California sues US agencies over data on vehicle emissions freeze
The state of California filed a lawsuit seeking to force two federal agencies to provide data they used to justify rolling back landmark Obama-era vehicle emission standards, accusing the US President Donald Trump administration of ‘willfully withholding’ information.
Engineers develop cheap, simple tests for car emissions
Engineers working to tackle carcinogenic pollution from cars developed cheap and simple devices to test the effectiveness of particle filters, which could help take toxic vehicles off roads without resorting to blanket bans.
Analysis suggests: Massive restoration of forests would cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions
Replenishing the world’s forests on a grand scale would suck enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to cancel out a decade of human emissions, according to an ambitious new study.
World on track to miss emissions ‘turning point’ for tackling climate change
The world is not on track to meet the greenhouse gas ‘turning point’ required to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, experts have warned.
OECD urges Australia to step up carbon emissions cuts
Australia needs to cut carbon emissions more sharply to meet its 2030 Paris Climate accord target, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) warned, contradicting claims by the country’s conservative government that the goal will be easily met.
Emissions angst fuels new tensions in loveless German coalition
Tensions in Germany’s loveless ruling coalition flared on Sunday after Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, a conservative from the car-making state of Bavaria, called for a reassessment of limits on vehicle emissions.
Aviation emissions set to grow sevenfold over 30 years, experts warn
International aviation carbon emission could grow seven-fold over the next 30 years despite climate change concerns, according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) figures.
US emissions of carbon dioxide spiked in 2018
US emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, spiked last year after falling for the previous three, as cold weather spurred natural gas demand for heating and as the economy pushed planes and trucks to guzzle fuel, an estimate showed.
China's Beijing, Hebei cut smog emissions 12 percent in 2018
China’s capital of Beijing, and its surrounding industrial province of Hebei, cut smog emissions by at least 12 percent in 2018 after a long crackdown on polluters and campaigns to reduce household coal use, environmental authorities said.
Turnbull speech draft said Labor's 45% emissions target might not drive up bills
Malcolm Turnbull suggested it was possible Labor’s proposal to preserve the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), with a 45 percent emissions reduction target, would not drive up prices, in an early draft of his speech to an energy conference obtained by Guardian Australia.
Australia’s carbon emissions grow at fastest rate since 2004
Australia’s carbon emissions have again continued to increase, according to official government figures released on Friday.
IKEA targets big cut in greenhouse gas emissions from production
IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture group, pledged on Friday to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its production by 80 percent in absolute terms by 2030 from their levels two years ago.

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