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Calls for legislation to protect environment after Brexit
A coalition of charities is urging people to support a call for a Scottish Environment Act after Brexit.
Report: Environment in multiple crises
Politicians and policymakers have failed to grasp the gravity of the environmental crisis facing the Earth, a report claimed.
Leaves are nature's most sophisticated environment sensors
New research confirms that leaves are nature's most sophisticated environment sensors. We can therefore use leaves to tell us about the management of the land they are growing in.
Agency protecting English environment reaches ‘crisis point’
Thousands of environmentally important sites across England are coming under threat as the government body charged with their care struggles with understaffing, slashed budgets and an increasing workload.
Slow replanting of palm a blow to Indonesia's efforts on environment
An ambitious scheme to replant about a fifth of the land under palm oil in Indonesia is running far behind schedule, marking a blow to efforts by the world’s top producer to lift yields and fend off attacks on the sustainability of the crop.
Right green for crop, environment, wallet
Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. That's certainly true for nitrogen fertilizers.
WHO to launch Asia-Pacific environment-health center in Seoul
The World Health Organization (WHO) will open a regional environment and health center in Seoul in May to identify environmental and health risks and provide advice to governments in the Asia-Pacific region, the South Korean environment ministry here said Tuesday.
Go beyond conferences in cleaning waterways, environment officials told
After the discovery of medical wastes floating on the seas off Lapu-lapu City in Philippines, an environmentalist group is encouraging government officials to create concrete programs to clean the rivers and other waterways.
UN Environment expects more links with Chinese marathons
UN Environment looks forward to working with more Chinese marathons organizers to make their events more environmental friendly, its communications official said Sunday at the 2019 Xiamen Marathon.
India Environment Ministry framed key policies, dealt with controversies in 2018
India’s Environment Ministry in 2018 finalized a nationwide plan to curb air pollution, notified new rules governing the country’s coastlines and proposed prohibition of use of animals in circuses besides engaging ‘constructively’ in the crucial climate summit at Poland.
War on waste: Balloons, Christmas crackers, toothbrushes on environment hit list
The WA Labor Government wants West Australians to stop buying balloons, Christmas crackers and party poppers.
Organic foods perhaps good for you, but bad for environment
Organic food has been on the rise since it came into fashion; vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy and meat grown and processed using non-conventional methods not only tend to carry a hefty price tag, but are usually thought to be of higher quality and better for health, although production of organic food products may not be good for the environment.
Why Christmas is bad for the environment and what you can do about it
Christmas is a time of celebration, but once the party's over, plenty of garbage is hauled to the curb.
Next election test of leadership on climate and the environment
The next election of Australia could shape up as an important contest for centrist voters who consider climate and environmental concerns as a test of leadership according to leading social researcher Rebecca Huntley.
Environment department accuses Los Alamos lab of violations
The US state environment officials have accused Los Alamos National Laboratory of violating its hazardous waste permit and state regulations.

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