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Wildfire can affect the environment in more ways than you might expect
A fire needs three things to start and survive — oxygen, heat and fuel.
Which countries are doing the most to save the environment?
There is perhaps no issue on Earth that is as truly global as that of climate change.
Bank of Japan’s aggressive easing created tough environment for some banks
Economic initiatives undertaken by the Japanese government and aggressive easing policies from the country’s central bank have injected new growth momentum into the economy. According to a senior banking executive, however, that’s come with some negative consequences.
Kids who litter to save environment
It’s 11 a.m. on a weekday and a group of primary school students is throwing plastic bottles into the Dandenong Creek at Vermont, a suburb of Melbourne in Australia.
Malaysia drafts tougher penalties for offenses that harm environment
Stiffer penalties of up to a RM5 million (S$1.6 million) fine will be imposed for environmental offenses under a new act that is currently being drafted.
British Body Shop initiates recycled plastics program to protect environment
British cosmetics company Body Shop has taken an initiative to protect the environment, people and critters as much as it can with the launch of its new Community Trade recycled plastic that will help to tackle plastic pollution and benefit the livings and planet.
Rural group calls for EU environment law to be copied post-Brexit
Current European Union environmental principles should be formally translated into domestic law after Brexit, Scottish landowners say.
Environment minister rejects global reports claiming 1.2 million deaths in India due to pollution
Indian union minister Harsh Vardhan has discredited the recent global reports claiming over one million deaths in India due to air pollution, saying such studies are only aimed at ‘causing panic’.
Smoky environment increases risk of high blood pressure
A nonsmoker should leave a smoky room or car until it has been cleared, suggested researchers as secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure and hypertension.
'Reviving tin mining may harm environment'
The revival of tin mining may cause harm to the environment as most untapped areas of the tin reserves are located in ‘environmentally sensitive areas’.
If we destroy the environment, it will destroy us too
I spent the last two weeks of April in one of Africa’s smallest countries called Burundi.
Environment is top priority for EU voters, survey suggests
The main focus of the next European Parliament should be on protecting the environment, according to a survey of more than 100,000 people conducted by
England’s Green group charged with protecting the environment is using diesel cars
Taxpayer-funded Natural England, who advise ministers on important green issues, have a 114-diesel vehicles — but don’t hold a single electric-powered car or van.
Plastics reduction plan set out for Glasgow in bid to protect environment
Plans are being put in place to protect the environment by cracking down on plastic use in Glasgow, Scotland.
New Zealand’s car addiction putting its environment under pressure
New Zealand’s carbon emissions are continuing to rise according to the new Environment Aotearoa 2019 report released this month.

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