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China's regions seek support as environmental compliance costs hit
China’s cash-strapped regions are lobbying Beijing to loosen its purse strings to help fight pollution, saying they don’t have the funds to meet state policies aimed at fixing the damage done by decades of unrestricted development.
Pharmaceutical residues in fresh water pose a growing environmental risk
Over the past 20 years, concentrations of pharmaceuticals have increased in freshwater sources all over the world, as research by environmental experts at Radboud University has revealed.
Million dead fish cause environmental stink in Australia
As many as a million fish are believed to have died along the banks of a major river system in drought-battered eastern Australia, and the authorities warned Monday of more deaths to come.
Environmental sustainability should be inherent to dietary guidance
It is the position of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) that environmental sustainability should be inherent to dietary guidance, whether working with individuals or groups about their dietary choices or in setting national dietary guidance.
Trade deals have glaring omission: Environmental standards
Nearly 200 countries just announced a deal to implement the Paris Agreement — 2015’s multilateral effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It’s welcome news given recent reports that total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will reach record highs in 2018.
Water, an environmental product of agriculture in Brazil
For the first time in her life, retired physical education teacher Elizabeth Ribeiro planted a tree, thorny papaya, native to Brazil’s central savanna.
Sustainable polar bear tour that also educates tourists on environmental impact
It’s almost always cold in Churchill, Manitoba, a remote coastal community on Hudson Bay in Canada’s subarctic region. Today, a month before winter officially begins, it’s -25°C with a fierce wind coming off Hudson Bay which is thick with slabs of ice. Situated in the middle of Canada, it’s the world’s largest saltwater bay. And even though frozen solid eight months of the year, the bay sustains the nearly 800 residents of Churchill which is known as the ‘Polar Bear Capital’ of the world.
Victoria's forestry fight: How the election is raising the environmental stakes
To understand the campaign to save Victoria’s old growth forests in Australia, ecologist David Lindenmayer said, you just need to turn on a tap in Melbourne.
Industry concerns prompt changes to promised NT environmental protection reforms
The Northern Territory government in Australia has backed away from parts of its promised reforms to environmental protection laws halfway through consultations on them, citing industry concerns about potential legal challenges by green groups.
Key questions for a better environmental future in Europe
What are the most aggressive chemical products for the environment? What areas of the planet have more pollutants? Can we detect toxic products which are hard to identify? How can we protect biodiversity and natural ecosystems better? Degradation of the environment and natural resources, the loss of biodiversity, impacts on health and the crises on food safety are some of the effects of chemical products being thrown into the environment due human activity.
MPs to examine environmental footprint of UK fashion industry
MPs are to investigate the environmental impact of throwaway ‘fast fashion’ in the UK amid growing concerns that the multi-billion pound industry is wasting valuable resources and contributing to climate change.
Predicted environmental changes could significantly reduce global production of vegetables
The study, led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), is the first systematically to examine the extent to which projected changes such as increases in temperature and reduced water availability could affect the production and nutritional quality of common crops such as tomatoes, leafy vegetables and pulses.

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