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Much work needed' to make digital economy environmentally sustainable
A cross-party group of UK MPs has raised doubts over whether the growing energy demand from digital technology and the proliferation of Internet-connected gadgets can continue to be offset by energy efficiency improvements.
Environmentally-friendly graphene textiles could enable wearable electronics
A new method for producing conductive cotton fabrics using graphene-based inks opens up new possibilities for flexible and wearable electronics, without the use of expensive and toxic processing steps.
Environmentally friendly liquid battery developed
A small team of researchers at Fudan University, in China, has developed a liquid battery that is more environmentally friendly than others of its kind. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the team describes the idea for their battery, the parts of it that have been tested already and its many positive attributes.
Iranian researcher develops cleaner nanopesticide
Iranian researcher has developed a more effective and less environmentally damaging pesticide by investigating a new nano-formulation.

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