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HIV and TB at risk of ‘epidemic rebound’ as funding gaps increase, MSF warns
Countries across the globe are at risk of witnessing an HIV and tuberculosis (TB) “epidemic rebound” because of a decline in funding, experts have warned.
Congo has vaccinated over 200,000 against Ebola: Data
Congolese authorities and health workers vaccinated more than 200,000 people against Ebola in August, the government said on Sunday, using a Merck vaccine they hope will help rein in the world's second worst epidemic.
Philippines declares national dengue epidemic after 622 deaths
A national dengue epidemic has been declared in the Philippines, where 622 people have died of the mosquito-borne disease since January and millions more are at risk.
Staggering numbers of opioid epidemic in US
Over the course of the last three decades, the opioid epidemic has cut a wide swath through American society, from the rural heartland to the largest cities, from suburban middle America to urban neighborhoods.
Cocaine deaths up in US amid drug overdose epidemic: Report
Cocaine deaths have been rising in the United States, amid the nation’s deadliest drug overdose epidemic, US health officials have said in a new report.
Experts warn of fatty liver disease 'epidemic' in young people
Experts are warning that high levels of fatty liver disease among young people, caused by being overweight, could signal a potential public health crisis.
Japanese firms tackle epidemic of sleeplessness
Imagine working for an employer who, aware that you are probably not sleeping enough at night, allows you to down tools and nap as part of your regular work duties — and not just forty winks at your desk, but a restorative snooze in a quiet room.
Amazon suffering 'epidemic' of illegal gold mines
Illegal gold mining in the Amazon has reached ‘epidemic’ proportions in recent years, causing damage to pristine forest and waterways, a conservation group said Monday as it released an unprecedented new map of the activities.
US to restrict e-cigarette flavors to fight teenage vaping 'epidemic'
The US Food and Drug Administration next week will issue a ban on the sale of fruit and candy flavored electronic cigarettes in convenience stores and gas stations, an agency official said, in a move to counter a surge in teenage use of e-cigarettes.
Does asthma contribute to childhood obesity epidemic?
In a recent study, scientists have found that asthma could give rise to childhood obesity epidemic.
Yellow fever in Brazil: Scientists trace spread of the century's worst epidemic
The yellow fever virus lurked deep in the Amazon jungle until around July 2016 when it leapt toward the highly populated south of Brazil, carried by monkeys and the mosquitoes that liked to bite them.
Children face mental health epidemic
Britain’s schoolchildren are suffering from an epidemic of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, yet barely half get the NHS treatment they need, teachers said.
Australia on brink of prescription painkiller epidemic
Tony is HIV positive and takes opioid medication, like fentanyl, for chronic pain relief.
Children and gun violence: Solutions to reducing the epidemic
Another mass shooting affecting children in school. The large number of dead and wounded attracts headlines and the usual prayers, platitudes and condolences from politicians.
WHO warns of high risk of cholera epidemic in DR Congo's capital
The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned about a high risk of a cholera epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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