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Jurassic-era piranha world's earliest flesh-eating fish
Scientists unearthed the fossilized remains of a piranha-like species that they say is the earliest known example of a flesh-eating fish.
Qatar on Saudi war threat: World not living in law of the jungle era
Qatar has hit out at Saudi threats of military action against its Persian Gulf neighbor if it acquires the Russian-made S-400 air defense system.
ICRO: Iran-Italy cultural, political ties to be bolstered in post-JCPOA era
The cultural and political relations between Iran and Italy will be bolstered in post-JCPOA era, President of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Abouzar Ebrahimi-Torkaman said.
Russia warships dock in Philippines, signal new era
Two Russian warships have docked at a port in the Philippines, potentially foreshadowing an era of enhanced military ties between Manila and Moscow as a gap widens between the Philippines and the United States.
'New era' of personalized cancer drugs
Cancer is entering a ‘new era’ of personalised medicine with drugs targeted to the specific weaknesses in each patient's tumour, say doctors.
Iran pushing its economy forward in post-JCPOA era
Inflation rate glides down in Iran by over half a percent
Following last year nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers which led to termination of years of anti-Iran sanctions, Iran has opened up to the world and a new era has began in its foreign relations. The deal triggered a wave of visits to Tehran by high-ranking officials and business delegations, indicating that Iran is considered by them a safe place for investment and political cooperation while the region has been gripped by unrest in recent years.
Minister: Bright future awaiting Iran's cinema in post-sanctions era
Cinema in Iran is dynamic and progressing and a bright future is awaiting the industry following the removal of sanctions, Iran Culture Minister Ali Jannati said.
Egypt unveiling Suez Canal extension in hope of a new era
Egypt is slated to unveil a major extension of the Suez Canal today, a mega-project that has emerged as a cornerstone of president Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi's efforts to restore national pride and revive the economy after years of unrest.
Rouhani: Era of violence, extremism over
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the Iranian nation supports peace and constructive interaction with the world, stressing that the era of violence and extremism has drawn to a close.
Mike Billington:US military plans ‘could end in WWIII’ in thermonuclear era
American political commentator Mike Billington said Washington’s military threats against Russia and China and plans to boost forces around the superpowers could result in World War III in the thermonuclear era.
End of oil era
By Hojjat Qandi

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