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Shiraz exhibition shows German presence in Iran’s archeological excavation
Exhibition of the German Archeological Institute (DAI) featuring Germans’ involvement in archeological excavations in Iran opened for the first time in the south-central city of Shiraz.
5,000-year-old ceramic works unearthed in Turkey
A group of archeologists unearthed 5,000-year-old ceramic works during excavations in eastern Turkey’s Bitlis Province, the head of the excavation team said.
Pre-Iron Age artifacts from India’s Sanauli excavation site to be tested further
The pre-Iron Age artifacts recently unearthed from Sanauli excavation site in Uttar Pradesh, India, and housed in the premises of the ASI’s Institute of Archeology will be investigated further to test the theories being conjectured around the findings, a senior official said.
Adobe architectural structure discovered in central Iran
The second season of archeological studies in the Jam region of Mahallat, Markazi Province led to the discovery of an ancient adobe architectural structure.
Third excavation season underway in Dasht Mound
The third season of excavation in the historical mound of Dasht, near Burnt City (Shahr-e Soukhteh) in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan led to the discovery of pottery works, the most important of which was a statuette of Sistani cattle breed that has been living in the region since 3000 BCE.
Kahang excavation unveils potteries
Archeologists started the second phase of excavation in Kahang, Sarbisheh, South Khorasan province, which led to the discovery of potteries and slag, said the head of Kahang Archeological Group.
Nooshabad’s fifth excavation phase underway
Nooshabad Underground City is located near Kashan, Isfahan province, and 5 km from Aran-Bidgol.

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