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Over-60s exercising an hour a week face a lower risk of heart disease or stroke: South Korean researchers
It's never too late to start exercising, according to a major study which found active over-60s cut their risk of heart attack and stroke.
Does this common food additive stop us exercising?
A two-part study that examined both mice and humans revealed a strong link between inorganic phosphate, a food additive that is prevalent in the ‘Western diet’, and a lack of physical activity.
Exercising regularly 'can keep heart, arteries young'
Exercising four to five times a week is necessary to stop the main arteries to the heart from stiffening up, research suggested.
Start exercising to cut heart failure risk
Attention, middle-age couch potatoes: There's still time to lower your risk of heart failure, a condition affecting more than five million Americans.
Exercising while pregnant can reduce time spent in labor, study finds
Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy can reduce the amount of time spent in labor during childbirth, a study has concluded.
Exercising with a buddy offers mental, physical boosts
Exercising with a buddy can give you both mental and fitness boosts.
Fall, a good time to start exercising
Did you spend the hot, sweltering days of summer sitting in front of an air conditioner? Then fall is a probably a good time for you to get up and get moving, medical experts say.
Exercising early in life yields rewards in adult years
More than one in three adults in the United States is considered to be obese. What impact can exercise done early in life have on the propensity for exercising during the adult years?
Exercising daily boosts motor function in elderly
A recent study has shed light on the significance of exercising and physical activity with brain health and motor abilities.

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