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UK parents being misled over kids' snacks, says child health expert
UK parents are at risk of being misled by ‘manipulative marketing campaigns’ and ‘crafty messaging’ on children's snacks, a child health expert has said.
No alternative for Iran's role in region: Russian expert
There is no alternative for Iran's influential role in providing security in the region, a top Russian expert said.
Economist: China's economy more globally integrated
China's growth is experiencing structural changes and is moving toward greater integration with the global economy, said one economist.
Space expert: China to deepen lunar exploration
As the Chang'e-4 probe made the first-ever soft landing on the far side of the Moon, a senior Chinese space expert said China will deepen its lunar exploration and venture further into the unknown.
Expert warns the UK could face its own US style opioid crisis
Amanda McKinlay used to burst into tears while brushing her hair, the small movements in her shoulder muscle causing unbearable agony.
Saudis seek to seize Hudaydah to make up for losses: Expert
Saudi Arabia is seeking to capture Yemen’s main port city of Hudaydah in an attempt to gain a “strong position” in any forthcoming political negotiations to end the conflict in the impoverished Arab nation, says a Middle expert.
Swiss film expert: Children's film festivals vital for familiarity with global cultures
A Swiss film expert underscored the vital role of international youth-based film festivals in making the children and teenagers familiar with cultures around the world.
Inhumane austerity measures in UK made millions poor: Expert
Despite the United Kingdom being one of the wealthiest countries in the worked, it has unbelievably high levels of poverty among its people, an expert says
Expert: Iran has no plan for bartering oil with Russia's Sukhoi aircraft
No directive has, so far, been issued with regard to bartering Iranian oil with Russia's Sukhoi aircraft, said an advisor to Iran’s roads and urban development minister on international affairs.
US should stop bullying: Algerian expert
The US officials, who are constantly threatening other countries, should know that they will not get anywhere by bullying, as other countries will not renounce their legitimate rights.
Expert: TSE prosperity will continue
Current prosperity of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) will continue, said a global market analyst.
Expert: Environment protection essential for economic prosperity
Economic growth would be constrained if countries do not manage and protect their environmental assets, as a strong natural capital base is necessary for economic prosperity, said an environment expert.
Expert discusses mental health awareness for kids returning to school (video)
For Ava Reyes, marked her fifth birthday as well as her first day of kindergarten.
Expert warning: Put sunscreen on your eyelids to avoid cancer
Warnings on sunscreen bottles telling people to avoid applying lotion near their eyes are putting sunbathers at an heightened risk of cancer, new research reveals.

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