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Inflammation in womb may explain why some babies are more prone to sepsis after birth
Each year 15 million infants are born preterm and face high risks of short- and long-term complications, including sepsis, severe inflammation of the gut, and neurodevelopmental disorders.
US doctors not likely to explain pros, cons of lung cancer screening
Many US doctors don’t discuss the harms of lung cancer screening or the potential for overdiagnosis in conversations with current and former smokers about whether tests are necessary, two new studies suggested.
Nanodiamonds explain mysterious source of Milky Way microwaves
Astronomers have discovered microscopic gemstones surrounding three infant star systems in the Milky Way.
Researchers explain why traffic noise induces heart disease
Noise from trains, planes and cars has been linked to the development of heart disease, and researchers said that's because it may disrupt the body on the cellular level in a way that increases the risk of common heart disease risk factors.
Duplications of noncoding DNA could help explain human-primate split
New research suggested the duplication of noncoding DNA could help explain the genetic diversity that fueled the divergence of humans from their primate relatives.
New particle probably can’t explain nuclear reactor neutrino mystery
A puzzling neutrino shortfall seems to be due to faulty predictions, not a new particle.
Stress may explain digestive issues in autistic kids
Many children with autism suffer from gastrointestinal problems, such as belly pain and constipation. And new research suggested that these issues may stem from a heightened response to stress.
Fruit flies help explain why humans yearn for protein
Serotonin may be responsible for our love of protein. The chemical, found mostly in the brain and digestive tract, is involved in the regulation of mood, appetite, and sleep in humans and other animals.
Russia wants Paris to explain warship delivery delay
Russia has demanded that France give an official explanation over its failure to deliver the first of two Mistral-class warships to Moscow under a 2011 deal, a military source in Moscow said.

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