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CBA joins global push to limit emissions by cutting coal exposure by 2030
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) became the latest company to join a global push to reduce emissions and said it would phase out its exposure to thermal coal or power plants by 2030.
Prolonged exposure to heat could lead to this deadly condition
Hot water bottles are a cheap and effective way to keep warm during the winter months. But holding one close to skin for long periods of time could lead to a skin condition, and even cancer.
Exposure to wood smoke can have different effects on men and women
Exposure to wood smoke can have different effects on the respiratory immune systems of men and women — effects that may be obscured when data from men and women are lumped together, according to a study published today in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine by scientists at the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.
Air pollution exposure linked to enlarged hearts
Healthy people exposed to even low levels of air pollution over a handful of years developed enlarged heart chambers, a common precursor to heart failure, a new study indicated.
Prolonged exposure to air pollution leads to genetic changes in rat brains
Prolonged exposure to particulate matter in air pollution in the Los Angeles Basin triggered inflammation and the appearance of cancer-related genes in the brains of rats, a Cedars-Sinai study has found.
Mice change appearance after frequent exposure to humans
Wild mice living in close proximity to humans end up looking different within a decade, which could provide clues about how domestication began in other animals like dogs, according to a press release from University of Zurich (UZH).
High exposure to cell phone radiation linked to tumor in male rats
Preliminary studies made by American scientists showed that high exposure to cell phone radiation resulted in tumors in tissues surrounding nerves in the hearts of male rats, though not in female rats or any mice.
Air pollution exposure reduces children's working memory
Exposure to air pollution on the way to school can have damaging effects on children's cognitive development and reduce their working memory, a study has found.
Prenatal exposure to fire retardants linked to lower IQs in children
Exposure to certain flame-retardant chemicals in pregnancy may be linked to lower intelligence in children, a new research review suggested.
Multiple exposures to anaesthesia may affect your child’s memory
A study, conducted on baby monkeys, found that anaesthesia-exposed infants demonstrated significant memory impairment after the first year of life.
Exposure to diesel pollution ups heart attack risk
A word of caution; avoid places with heavy traffic or try to find a different route as a study has warned that exposure to diesel pollution causes heart attack, heart failure and death.
Exposure to electromagnetic fields linked to nerve disease: study
Researchers have discovered that workers who are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields may be at higher risk of developing deadly motor neurone disease.
Pesticide exposure, microbiome changes interlinked
The oral microbiome of farmworkers are markedly different than other humans, and pesticide exposure explains why, new research shows.

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