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Training journalists in era of fake news
As uncannily realistic "deep fake" videos proliferate online, including one recently retweeted by the US President Donald Trump, journalism schools are scrambling to adapt to an era of misinformation — or fake news.
Google says Singapore's fake news law may hurt innovation
Google said on Thursday an anti-fake news law passed by Singapore’s parliament could stunt innovation, a quality that the city-state wants to nurture under plans to expand its tech industry.
Fake News US Media pushing 'Sleepy Joe' hard: Trump
US President Donald Trump has slammed the mainstream American media and former Vice President Joe Biden, as the Democratic hopeful launches the campaign for the 2020 presidential election.
Google, Facebook, Twitter fail to live up to fake news pledge
Google, Facebook, and Twitter have fallen short of their pledges to combat fake news, three months before key European elections, the European Commission said on Thursday.
Trump slams AP as 'fake news' for changing his comments on midterm elections
US President Donald Trump has called the Associated Press “fake news” over a headline it had on a story about comments Trump made on the midterm congressional elections, saying the AP headline was misleading.
Trump backtracks over his harsh criticism of May, calls Sun interview 'fake news'
US President Donald Trump has backtracked over his explosive criticism of British Prime Minister Theresa May, calling it “fake news.”
EU piles pressure on social media over fake news
Tech giants such as Facebook and Google must step up efforts to tackle the spread of fake news online in the next few months or potentially face further EU regulation, as concerns mount over election interference.
I won’t excoriate Putin, like fake news wants: Trump defends congratulating Putin
US President Donald Trump reiterates his stance towards the recent reelection of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, arguing that former President Barack Obama had similarly congratulated the Russian leader in the past.
Journalists acting as 'referees' could prevent spread of fake news
With fake news, alternative facts and false beliefs currently damaging the social and political landscape, EU researchers are examining whether journalists can be effective as adjudicators, pointing out untruths and separating facts from fiction.
France probes Macron-Le Pen 'fake news' claims
French officials have opened a judicial investigation after presidential contender Emmanuel Macron accused his rival Marine Le Pen of disseminating fake news to damage his image.
Germany threatens online giants with 50mn euro fake news, hate speech fines
Germany on Wednesday took the European lead in cracking down against hate speech and fake news, threatening social media giants with fines of up to 50 million euros if they fail to remove offensive posts promptly.
‘You are fake news!’ Trump shuts down CNN reporter
US President-elect Donald Trump refused to take questions from a CNN correspondent during a tense exchange at a press conference, blasting the news network for spreading “fake news.”

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