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US judge approves plan to reunite separated immigrant families
A federal judge on Friday approved a plan to reunite hundreds more families who were separated by border officials after they entered the US from Mexico.
1,358 children reportedly been ripped from families at US border
Since last October, an estimated 1,358 children have been ripped away from their parents at the US-Mexico border — a cruel practice that has become increasingly common in the past month, as the Trump administration attempts to deter families from crossing.
Poorest UK families 'going without food or power'
Hundreds of thousands of the poorest families in Britain are going without basic necessities, according to two separate surveys.
Heart disease carries huge cost for some families
Having a chronic heart condition is stressful enough, but new research suggests the cost of caring for the condition is also a huge financial burden for poorer families in the US.
Ethiopia has banned adoptions by foreign families
Ethiopia has banned the adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families, according to the country’s state-run News Agency ENA, citing concerns over abuse.
US Children, families find refuge from bitter cold at new shelter
Another warming shelter in Raleigh in North Carolina, US opened its doors Tuesday as the cold blast continues.
Rural coal families less likely to divorce
The risk of divorce is lower for rural coal-mining families, a recent study has suggested.
Poverty simulation sheds light on struggles of low-income families
Scary, overwhelming, sad, helpless; these were only some of the words people used after participating in a poverty simulation at the Woodside Church in Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania in the US.
More than half of Londoners in poverty are in working families
More than half of the 2.3 million Londoners living in poverty are members of households in which someone is earning money, research has found.
Iranian families to visit Saudi Arabia to identify Hajj crush victims
Eleven relatives of the Iranian victims of the 2015 Hajj crush in Saudi Arabia are to travel to the kingdom to identify their loved ones.
Families in low-income countries lack soap at home
Researchers at the University at Buffalo report that hand washing behavior, and access to soap and water in the home, is lacking in low-income countries.
Families of slain Bahrainis slam burial of loved ones without consent
The families of five Bahraini activists recently killed by the country’s security forces have slammed as a “crime” the burial of their loved ones without being allowed to bid farewell to them.
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Hillary Clinton by Benghazi families
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton filed by the parents of two Americans killed in the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.
Record 60% of Britons in poverty are in working families
A record 60 percent of British people in poverty live in a household where someone is in work, according to researchers, with the risk of falling into financial hardship especially high for families in private rented housing.
Families can drive gender equality
The concept of family lends itself to exaggerated claims. Depending on who you talk to, the decline of the traditional family in recent decades either means the triumph of individualism and the onset of 'pure relationships' or the dissolution of society, population decline and the death of the nation.

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