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Indonesian farmers pin hopes on microcredit program to expand agro business
Young farmers in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), a province of Indonesia — most of whom have developed their land from square-one — are hoping to have access to the government’s first subsidized microcredit program (KUR).
'I thought I was going to die': Canadian farmers open up about struggles with mental health
Ask Sean Stanford what it's like to be a farmer in southern Alberta during the winter, and one of the first things he talks about is his mental health.
Millennial farmers making more money from alternative jobs than farming
A large number of millennial farmers in villages around Nashik district of Maharashtra, India, are making more money from alternative jobs like electrician, plumbing and fabrication than from farming itself.
Iran pays nearly $100mln in compensation to farmers in flooded regions
The Iranian government has paid nearly $100 million in flood relief to farmers whose lands and crops were devastated in the heavy rainfall that came in April and March this year.
Thousands of farmers hold mass tractor protest in Germany
Thousands of farmers have driven their tractors to Berlin's famed Brandenburg Gate in a mass protest against new environmental regulations they say threaten their livelihoods.
Deputy minister: Iran’s purchase of agricultural produce from farmers on rise
Iran’s rural and agricultural cooperatives purchased more than two million tons of agricultural produce from the country’s farmers during March 21-September 22, 2019, a senior official said.
Dutch farmers clog roads across the Netherlands in third protest
Thousands of Dutch farmers drove tractors along highways causing major traffic jams on Wednesday, as part of their protest campaign against what they say are attempts to blame them for nitrogen pollution.
US bombing ‘suggests shocking disregard for civilian life’: Amnesty
US drone strike kills dozens of Afghan farmers
Democrats seek to exploit farmers' pain over Trump policies
US Democratic presidential candidates are exploiting frustration within America’s Farm Belt with President Donald Trump's economic agenda, a region whose overwhelming support helped Trump get elected in 2016.
Farmers use tech to squeeze every drop from Colorado River
A drone soared over a blazing hot cornfield in northeastern Colorado on a recent morning, snapping images with an infrared camera to help researchers decide how much water they would give the crops the next day.
Innovation rush aims to help farmers, rich and poor, beat climate change
In decades to come, African farmers may pool their money to buy small robot vehicles to weed their fields or drones that can hover to squirt a few drops of pesticide only where needed.
After brutal spring floods, US farmers face big losses
The planting season ended more than a month ago, but much of 39-year-old Greg McGlinch’s 450-acre farm in Darke County, Ohio, the US, is either under water or still saturated from record spring rains.
Coffee farmers meet in Brazil amid crisis, seek alternatives
Organizations representing coffee farmers from around the world will meet next week in Brazil as the sector faces one of its hardest times, with prices barely covering production costs and pushing farmers out of business.
Hunt pledges £6b for farmers in no-deal Brexit
Tory leadership contender Jeremy Hunt is to outline his plans for a no-deal Brexit later, including a £6 billion pledge to the fishing and farming industries and help for small businesses.
EU to compensate Irish beef farmers for Brexit price hit
The European Union will provide Irish beef farmers with 50 million euros of exceptional aid to compensate for the fall in beef prices suffered as a result of the Brexit process, the European Commission’s agriculture chief Phil Hogan said.

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