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Mass surveillance fears as India readies facial recognition system
As India prepares to install a nationwide facial recognition system in an effort to catch criminals and find missing children, human rights and technology experts on Thursday warned of the risks to privacy and from increased surveillance.
Fears for polar bears over shrinking Arctic ice
The loss of Arctic ice from glaciers, polar land and sea is declining faster than many scientists expected, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) report on oceans and the cryosphere said this week.
Singapore slashes 2019 growth forecast stoking recession fears
Singapore slashed its full-year economic growth forecast on Tuesday as global conditions were seen worsening and data confirmed the slowest growth rate in a decade amid mounting fears of recession in the city-state.
'Scary' German output figures propel recession fears
German industrial output fell more than expected in June, driven by weaker production of intermediate and capital goods, adding to signs that Europe’s biggest economy contracted in the second quarter as its exporters get caught in trade disputes.
China's industrial profits fell in June, add to fears of slowdown
Profits earned by China’s industrial firms contracted in June after a brief gain the previous month, fueling concern that a slowdown in manufacturing from a bruising trade war will drag on economic growth.
Trade fears erase over $2 trillion from global stocks in May
Global stock markets shed over $2 trillion in value in May as the US-China trade conflict escalated, with fears of a trade-related economic slowdown intensifying on Friday after US President Donald Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs.
China's Xi aims to soothe Belt and Road fears
Chinese President Xi Jinping sought Friday to bat away concerns about his ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, saying his global infrastructure project will have ‘zero tolerance’ for corruption while vowing to prevent debt risks.
More countries ground Boeing jets over safety fears after Ethiopian crash
Russia, Japan, and Tunisia follow a host of countries in either grounding or banning takeoffs, overflights, and landings of Boeing 737 MAX planes following a recent fatal crash.
Fears of excessive debt drive more countries to cut down their Belt and Road investments
Some countries are scaling down or scrapping entire projects that are part of China's Belt and Road Initiative amid mounting financial concerns over the continent-spanning venture.
Fears growing for small tortoiseshell butterfly as decline continuing
Fears are growing for the small tortoiseshell butterfly after this once-common garden insect continued its baffling decline despite the hot summer proving a boon to most species.
Fears over climate change hit highest level in a decade
British people’s concern over climate change hit the highest level in almost a decade amid the record-breaking heatwave which swept across Britain this summer, a new poll has revealed.
Ice melt fears after active volcano found beneath Antarctic glacier
An active volcano has been unexpectedly discovered beneath a rapidly vanishing glacier in Antarctica by a team of scientists studying the melting ice shelf.
US stocks fall sharply on rising trade war fears
US stocks tumbled on Friday after China rejected the idea of negotiating with the US to ease escalating trade tension and US President Donald Trump’s treasury secretary said ‘there is the potential of a trade war’.
Israeli carnage raises fears of Gaza conflagration
Palestinians have protested for the third day as part of the annual ‘March of Return’ to commemorate Land Day, braving Israeli tanks and snipers deployed along the Gaza fence where 17 protesters were killed a few days ago.
Philippines gripped by dengue vaccine fears
Fears over a dengue vaccine in the Philippines have led to a big drop in immunization rates for preventable diseases, officials warned.

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