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US-China trade war poses biggest threat  to South Korean financial system
Escalating trade tensions between the United States and China are the biggest risk that South Korea's financial system is now facing, a central bank survey showed on Wednesday.
Protesters in Frankfurt demand stable financial system
On the tenth anniversary of a pivotal moment in the Great Recession, a group of demonstrators in the German city of Frankfurt have held a protest gathering to demand a stable financial system which is democratically controlled and which does not exploit humans and nature.
We need a new financial system to deal with climate change
*By Jason Hickel When it comes to global warming, we know that the real problem is not just fossil fuels — it is the logic of endless growth that is built into our economic system. If we don’t keep the global economy growing by at least three percent per year, it plunges into crisis. That means we have to double the size of the economy every 20 years, just to stay afloat. It doesn’t take much to realize that this imperative for exponential growth makes little sense given the limits of our finite planet, according to the Guardian.
China pours $67b into financial system before holiday
China's central bank said on Tuesday it was injecting 440 billion yuan ($67 billion) into the money market, seeking to ease tight liquidity ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday when demand for funds surges.
Raise rates to protect financial system
Raising interest rates is always harder than cutting them. When investors are bleeding and workers fear the chop, promises of cheap money sound like the hoofbeats of arriving cavalry. But the trauma does not end for everyone at the same time. When the rescuers depart, some complain they are being abandoned too soon.
Rouhani orders financial system reforms
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani in a directive on Saturday has ordered the implementation of a series of reforms in the country’s financial and banking systems.
WB warns China to reform ‘distorted’ financial system
China must take urgent steps to reform a 'distorted' financial system in its transition to a more balanced economic model, the World Bank has warned in its latest review of the country’s economy.

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