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China's space research finds microgravity promotes iPS cells regenerative potential
Research findings from China's Tianzhou-1 Space Mission showed that the microgravity environment in space promotes heart cell differentiation of mice induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, providing new perspectives on future human space travel.
Inspection finds 'growing drugs problem' in England’s Maidstone Prison
A prison in England that holds nearly 600 foreign national inmates was warned not to be complacent about ‘worrying signs’ of an increasing drugs problem.
NASA probe finds signs of water on nearby asteroid Bennu
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft discovered ingredients for water on a relatively nearby skyscraper-sized asteroid, a rocky acorn-shaped object that may hold clues to the origins of life on Earth, scientists said on Monday.
G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds
Climate action is way off course in all but one of the world’s 20 biggest economies, according to a report that shows politicians are paying more heed to the fossil fuel industry than to advice from scientists.
‘Run, Rostam, Run’ finds way into three more international festivals
Iranian Short animated film ‘Run, Rostam, Run’, directed by Hossein Molayemi, was accepted into three more international festivals in Italy, US, and Greece.
Finnish study finds healthy lifestyle improves memory in old age
A Finnish study showed that a healthy lifestyle, including physical exercises, brain stimulants and healthy diet can improve brain health and prevent late-age memory disorders.
HPV jab safe and effective, study finds
The HPV vaccine routinely offered to teenage girls in the UK is safe and protects against a virus that can cause cancer of the cervix, an independent review has found.
Older people can grow new neurons, study finds
Adults well into their 70s can generate hundreds of new neurons a day — just as much as young people — according to a study that disputes previous findings that brain activity slows down as people age.
Exercising while pregnant can reduce time spent in labor, study finds
Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy can reduce the amount of time spent in labor during childbirth, a study has concluded.
Study finds modified protein unique to cancerous cells
Researchers have discovered a modified protein that reflects a difference between cancer and non-cancer cells, which could lead to new ways to deal with the disease.
NASA finds a large amount of water in exoplanet's atmosphere
Much like detectives study fingerprints to identify the culprit, scientists used NASA's Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes to find the ‘fingerprints’ of water in the atmosphere of a hot, bloated, Saturn-mass exoplanet some 700 light-years away. And, they found a lot of water. In fact, the planet, known as WASP-39b, has three times as much water as Saturn does.
Study finds last ‘wild’ horses once domesticated
An international team has drawn on surprising genetic and archeological evidence to show that Przewalski's horse, previously believed to be the last wild equine in the world, actually descends from horses once domesticated by humans.
Study finds smartphone apps may reduce depression
Research by Western Sydney University found that smartphone apps may be an effective treatment option for patients with depression.
Study finds molecules move faster near sticky surfaces
Scientists at the Universite libre de Bruxelles in Belgium have discovered that molecules move faster the closer they get to adhesive surfaces.

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