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Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Security Adviser
President Trump on Tuesday pushed out John R. Bolton, his third national security adviser, amid fundamental disputes over how to handle major foreign policy challenges like Iran, North Korea and most recently Afghanistan.
New York officer fired, but tensions still high where Eric Garner died
Hassan Johnson was getting his head shaved on Monday at the same barber shop Eric Garner used to visit.
Calls for police officers to be fired over 'racist' Christmas tree decorations
There are calls for two police officers to be fired over “racist” Christmas tree decorations.
US Navy officer fired over Iran's detention of 10 sailors
The US Navy fired the commander of the 10 American sailors who were held by Iran after trespassing on the Islamic Republic’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf on January 12.
Florida officer fired for beating handcuffed woman
A police officer from the US state of Florida has been fired and arrested after he was caught on video beating a woman in handcuffs.
US intel analysts fired for revealing truth about Syria war
Two senior intelligence analysts at the US Central Command say they were forced out of their jobs after they cast doubt on the efficiency of Washington’s support for Takfiri militant groups in Syria.
Rockets fired by militants kill 9 in Syria’s Dara’a
Nine civilians in Syria have reportedly been killed in a series of rocket attacks by foreign-backed Takfiri militants in the southwestern province of Dara’a.

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