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CAO says Iran's airports operated over 1.6m flights in two years
Iran's airports operated more than 1.6 million flights during past two years, having transported 130 million passengers and 1.2 million kg of luggage, said a Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) official.
Iranian airline resumes flights to Afghanistan
Kish Airlines resumed flights between Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad and Afghanistan’s northwestern city of Herat, as Afghans are demanding more for air travel to the Iranian destination.
Iranian airlines to offer satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi: Official
A senior Iranian transportation official said airlines in the country are preparing to offer satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi service as access to high-speed Internet during flights becomes more necessary for passengers.
Japanese man dies on flight after swallowing 246 packets of cocaine
A Japanese man with 246 packets of cocaine in his stomach and intestines died midflight on his way from Bogota to Tokyo, authorities said in northern Mexico where the plane made an emergency landing.
Iran to launch new direct flights to Iraq, Turkey in Norouz holidays
Two new direct flights are to be launched from Iran's western city of Kermanshah to popular destinations in Iraq and Turkey with the expected high season of travels during Norouz (Iranian New Year) holidays.
Roscosmos signs new contract on flight of two space tourists to ISS
Russia’s Roscosmos and US company Space Adventures signed a new contract on the flight of two space tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) until late 2021 onboard one spacecraft, the state corporation told TASS on Tuesday.
Iran Air to increase flights during Norouz holidays
Iran Air will operate more flights to handle the high-season trips during Norouz holidays marking the start of the new Iranian year (March 21), said the company's chief executive.
Stranger cuddles mum's crying son during flight in touching photograph
A mum has shared a touching photograph of a kind stranger who offered to hold her crying son for her on a flight.
Khashoggi controversy triggers Saudi capital flight
New indications have appeared that show Saudi Arabia is already paying a heavy price for the killing of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its consulate in Istanbul in terms of capital flight.
Passengers safe after Air Niugini flight crashes into sea in Micronesia
A flotilla of small boats rescued all 47 passengers and crew from an Air Niugini flight that crashed into the sea short of the runway at an airport in the tiny South Pacific nation of Micronesia on Friday, the airport’s manager said.
Scientists developing optical clock for flights to Mars
Russian scientists from the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Physical-Engineering and Radiotechnical Metrology (VNIIFTRI) are developing an optical clock for future spaceflights, including those to Mars, the VNIIFTRI director general, Sergei Donchenko, said.
Russia's fresh 'proof' shows missile that downed MH17 flight belonged to Kiev
Russia's Defense Ministry has released fresh information backing its claim that the missile that shot down a Malaysia Airlines flight over the conflict-ridden eastern Ukraine in 2014 was fired by Kiev forces, refuting evidence by an investigation group that pointed the finger of blame at the Kremlin.
100 feel sick on Emirates flight to New York
As many as 100 passengers and crew reported feeling ill on Wednesday during an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York, and health workers were evaluating them as the airplane sat on the tarmac of JFK International Airport, authorities said.
Eritrean airline makes first flight to Ethiopia in 20 years
Eritrea's national airline has made its first commercial flight in two decades to Addis Ababa, the capital of neighboring Ethiopia, the latest step in a surprise peace process between the former foes that began just two months ago.

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