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China to fly solar drone to near space
Competition among drone makers in China is hotting up, with several manufacturers vying to operate the nation’s first solar-powered drone.
Japan scrambles jets as Russian bombers fly by
Russian nuclear-capable bombers have carried out a routine flight over international waters in the Sea of Japan, with Tokyo nevertheless responding to that passage.
Source: Russian Progress freighter to fly to ISS under short scheme for second time
The Russian Progress MS-11 cargo spacecraft will for the second time fly to the International Space Station (ISS) under the three-hour scheme, circling Earth twice, in March 2019, a source in the aerospace industry told Sputnik.
New robotic fly dips and dives like the real thing
Respect where respect is due: We humans may be mighty, but there’s still a foe that regularly dodges our best efforts to kill it: the fruit fly.
New Shepard flies again, bringing suborbital space tourism closer
Blue Origin flew its New Shepard system for the eighth time on Sunday, launching from West Texas at about noon local time.
Scientists study brains of bats while they fly
Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland have successfully recorded the brain activity of free flying bats.
Fly me to the Moon: For some, lunar village takes shape
By 2040, a hundred people will live on the Moon, melting ice for water, 3D printing homes and tools, eating plants grown in lunar soil, and competing in low-gravity, ‘flying’ sports.
Boeing using AI to fly into the future with autonomous planes
Boeing is to begin testing self-driving aeroplanes in a move that will fly the company into the future.
How did dinosaurs learn to fly?
While watching parrotlets hop from branch to branch while foraging, a pair of Stanford researchers hypothesized that the earliest winged dinosaurs may behaved similarly.
Trio to fly flag for Asia at FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
As sixteen of the world’s best beach soccer teams converge on the Bahamas for the 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, took a look at Asia’s three representatives at the global showpiece.
Police flying aerial vehicles for border control
An Iranian police commander said different types of aerial vehicles have been employed to fly over the country’s borderlines to ensure maximum security.
Hollande says French spy drones to fly over Syria
French President Francois Hollande has announced that his country is going to send drones over Syria allegedly to spy on Daesh Takfiris, claiming that the terrorist group plans to attack the country.
President to fly to Indonesia on Tuesday
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is to fly to Indonesia on Tuesday to attend the summit of the Asian African Conference in Jakarta.
India vows spending to help economy 'fly'
"India's finance minister pledged major investment in infrastructure on Saturday, saying it was time for the economy to "fly", as he unveiled the new right-wing government's first full budget" reported.

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