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Khorramabad Valley and formation of ancient Iranian civilization
Located in the western region of Iran, Khorramabad Valley, Lorestan Province, is one of the untamed and pristine areas with a rich history and significant culture and civilization. The high potential for environmental living conditions and the variety of historical remnants have attracted the societies since the Paleolithic period.
Hamas, Islamic Jihad call for formation of Palestinian national unity government
Palestinian resistance movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad have demanded the quick formation of a new national unity government, stressing the need for further cooperation between the two groups in the face of challenges facing the Palestinian nation.
Howler monkey study examines mechanisms of new species formation
A new University of Michigan study of interbreeding between two species of howler monkeys in Mexico is yielding insights into the forces that drive the evolution of new species.
Lebanon's Aoun intervenes to help form government, avoid 'catastrophe'
Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Tuesday he was intervening in stalled efforts to form a new national unity government, warning the country faced "catastrophe" if this failed.
Qatar offers formation of new coalition in region
During his trip to Baghdad, Qatar Deputy Prime Minister has proposed the formation of a new collation of the regional countries, Iraqi media reported.
Ayatollah Sistani calls for quick formation of new Iraqi govt.
Iraq’s senior Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has urged the formation of a new government as soon as possible in the wake of protests against alleged government corruption and poor public services in southern cities.
Study reveals key mechanism in formation of spider silk
A team of scientists has discovered a previously unidentified structural component key to the formation of spider silk and its extraordinary strength.
Scientists observe nanomaterial formation in 4D
Material scientists at Northwestern University have designed a transmission electron microscope, or TEM, to capture high-resolution, multi-frame videos of nanoparticles.
Rising temperatures enabled peatland formation at the end of last ice age
New research suggested periods of global warming during the last ice age encouraged the formation of peatlands.
Region in dire need of trade union: Iran envoy
Formation of a trade union in Middle East and Persian Gulf is an 'inevitable necessity for our region’, Iran's ambassador to Kuwait said on Saturday.
Formation of coal almost turned our planet into snowball
While burning coal today causes Earth to overheat, about 300 million years ago, the formation of coal brought the planet close to global glaciation.
Virtual top hats allow swarming robots to fly in tight formation
Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have created a team of free-flying robots that obeys the two rules of the air: Don't collide or undercut each other.
President orders formation of committee to probe Plasco incident
President Hassan Rouhani ordered the formation of a special national committee for investigating a blazing high-rise collapse in Tehran.
Formation of ‘Army of Aleppo’ ploy to shield Nusra terrorists: Lavrov
Russia says the formation of the so-called Army of Aleppo in the east of the Syrian city is an attempt to disguise and shield the al-Nusra Front terrorist group.
Yemeni demonstrators call for formation of government
Yemeni people have held a rally in the capital Sana’a to call for an immediate formation of a government in the face of a Saudi military campaign against the impoverished nation.

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