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Iran dismantles foreign fuel smuggling ring, seizes Philippine ship
Iran said it dismantled a fuel smuggling ring after seizing a Philippine tanker in the Persian Gulf and taking its crew into custody.
Iran seizes foreign tanker smuggling fuel
Iranian forces have seized a "foreign vessel" in the Persian Gulf that was smuggling fuel to Arab states, the official news agency IRNA reported.
Iran warns Brazil over stranded ship barred from refueling
Iran threatened to cut its imports from Brazil unless it allows the refueling of two Iranian ships stranded off the Brazilian coast.
Iran fuel stocks at optimal level despite US sanctions: Official
A senior official from Iran’s Ministry of Oil says the country is currently holding abundant stocks of fuel despite US sanction that have affected the oil industry.
Bloomberg: Oil tanker bombed off UAE port shipping fuel to Iran
An oil tanker damaged in a bombing off the United Arab Emirates’ port of Fujairah in May is back in business. The ship’s first destination is Iran.
Animal lovers chasing glimpse of rare species fuel tourism boom but can create headaches
Discoveries of rare and endangered animals in Australia's remote deserts have prompted mini tourism booms, but they are also causing some headaches for local aboriginal rangers and their conservation efforts.
Scientists want to make fuel, plastic out of bacteria
As they reproduce or perish, photosynthesizing bacteria, known as cyanobacteria, collectively release hundreds of millions of tons of liquid hydrocarbons into the ocean every year.
Iran protests to ICAO over int’l airports refusal to fuel its planes
Iran filed a complaint to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) over refusal of some international airports to provide fuel to Iranian planes.
Trump's Mexican tariffs could hit US refiners, add to fuel costs
US President Donald Trump’s threats to tax Mexican imports could disrupt a long-standing cross-border energy trade, hitting US consumers and refiners that use Mexican oil by boosting prices, and raising concerns about potential retaliation by the world’s biggest buyer of US energy products.
How Kenya could steam beyond fossil fuel
A faint smell of sulphur, a shrill hiss of gas and a Rift Valley panorama punctuated by 30 pillars of steam mark the frontline of renewable energy growth in Kenya.
Egypt to slash fuel subsidies as it nears end of IMF program
Egypt will remove subsidies on most energy products by June 15, it told the International Monetary Fund in a January letter released by the IMF on Saturday as part of a review of Cairo’s three-year, $12 billion loan program with the lender.
Europeans refusing fuel to Iranian aircraft: Official
Iran’s airspace remains open to all international flights, including US airliners, but most European countries refuse fuel to Iranian planes, an official says.
France halts fuel tax hikes in bid to calm fiery protests
The French government announced Tuesday that it would suspend planned increases in fuel taxes for six months in a bid to quell fierce protests that have ballooned into the deepest crisis of Emmanuel Macron's presidency.
NASA Kepler space telescope dies after running out of fuel
NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler space telescope is dead, the space agency announced.
UN requires $4.5 million to pay for fuel in Gaza Strip
The United Nations has announced that it lacks sufficient funds to continue paying for fuel in critical facilities in the Gaza Strip.

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