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Five developments in space, time and fusion
Projects from gravitational wave detection to viewing the Milky Way and generating thermonuclear power march ahead in the future as the reported.
Separating sound from noise in hot plasma fusion
In the search for abundant clean energy, scientists around the globe look to fusion power, where isotopes of hydrogen combine to form a larger particle, helium, and release large amounts of energy in the process.
Fusion system has arms, hands to show how tasks are done
‘Body surrogacy.’ Technology's word masters have nailed this effort easily enough, but explaining what it is takes more than a few words. Several tech-watching sites were having a close look at a project called Fusion, which is a system that give you two extra robotic hands to get things done—thanks to a person remotely working in collaboration with you to do the task well.
Metal clouds to protect fusion reactor walls from heat flux
How can scientists protect the structures that house fusion reactors?
Tehran to host fusion music festival
The second Tehran Fusion Music Festival is to be held at Niavaran Cultural House during January 7-13, 2015.

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