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Tech preview of most new gadgets to be showcased at CES 2019
The CES trade show is powering up again in Vegas, the US. Most of the biggest names in tech and stacks of startups you have never heard of will compete for attention over the next week (Jan 8-11).
Twenty best technological gadgets of 2018
From electric bikes and foldup drones to combat robots and digital skipping ropes, in what follows the Guardian presented a list of the year’s most desirable technological gadgets.
Researchers blaze new ground in wireless energy generation for future electronic gadgets
Researchers from Clemson's Nanomaterials Institute (CNI) are one step closer to wirelessly powering the world using triboelectricity — a green energy source.
Alien subatomic particles destroying electronic gadgets
Alien subatomic particles raining down on Earth from outer space are wreaking ‘low-grade havoc’ on our mobiles and computers.
Smart gadgets from guns to cars ripe for hacking
Hackers are not just after your computer: connected devices from cars to home security systems to sniper rifles are now targets for actors looking to steal or cause mischief.

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