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'It looked like Armageddon.' Homes burn in Massachusetts towns after suspected gas explosions
Homes in three towns north of Boston went up in flames on Thursday, consumed by more than 60 suspected gas fires.
NIOC completes study on Iranian shale gas reserves
National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has completed a study on Iran's shale gas reserves, its exploration directorate said in a statement.
Industrial experts expect further rise in natural gas consumption
Industrial experts said that natural gas consumption will see fast growth in the future.
Syria presents UN with data on militant plans to stage false flag gas attack
Syria provides the United Nations with evidence revealing yet another plot by Takfiri terrorists to carry out a chemical attack in militant-held Idlib Province and pin the blame on Damascus with the aim of justifying an ensuing act of aggression against the Arab country by their foreign supporters.
Helium gas running out
By Christopher Rithner*
India seeking cheap gas from Iran: official
The Indian government has always been seeking to purchase gas from Iran at a lower price, said the director for investments at Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC).
Turkey to continue importing Iran’s gas despite bans
Turkey says it will continue to buy natural gas from Iran despite US sanctions that were restored against the country on Tuesday.
Turkey says committed business as usual with Iran despite US sanctions
Ankara said it remains committed to energy contracts with Tehran despite the risk that renewed US sanctions against Iran could make Turkish firms a target.
Iran plans to contain associated gas from oilfields
Iranian companies will build infrastructure to contain and collect associated gas from oilfields in its southern Khuzestan Province, an official at National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said.
Islamabad, Tehran may begin talks on IP gas project: Pakistani official
Pakistan and Iran may initiate talks in September on how to advance on the IP gas line project which was earlier shelved by the Nawaz Sharif government in June 2016.
2 SP new refineries will become operational soon
South Pars gas field currently feeds 10 big gas refineries and two other refineries covering phases 13, 22 and 24 are to come on stream soon.
SPGC gas output at 39 bcm in three months
South Pars Gas Complex (SPGC) processed 39 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the national gas distribution network in the three months to June 21.
Iranian firm says ready to replace Total in South Pars
Iranian holding company MAPNA Group voiced readiness to take over a project to develop the country’s South Pars gas field after French energy giant Total canceled its contract in fear of the US looming sanctions.
Will Bulgaria become Europe’s next gas hub?
German support for Russia’s plans to double the capacity of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea has, in turn, encouraged Bulgaria’s aspirations to develop a regional gas hub with Russian help.
Iran-Pakistan gas project to be pursued: Official
Pakistan is keen to see rapid progress on the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project and the government would pursue the project as it was in the interest of the country, said the acting chairman of Pakistan' Senate.

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