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Study: Obesity-related cancers rise for younger US generations
Cancers linked to obesity are rising at a faster rate in millennials than in older generations in the US, the American Cancer Society has said.
Trauma suffered in childhood echoes across generations
Trauma in childhood echoes through generations, according to new research that could have implications for thousands of migrant children recently separated from parents at the US border.
Millennials hope to reach life milestones by the same age as other generations
Millennials — young adults in their 20s and 30s — are marrying, buying homes and starting families later in life. But just because they are postponing these major life events does not mean they want to.
Shajarian voice of generations in Persian traditional singing
Known as the “King of Persian traditional signing,” “Iran’s most popular artist of the time” and “the greatest living maestro of Persian classical music," the globally-renowned Mohammad Reza Shajarian has been the inspiring voice of generations in Iran for several decades.
Middle-age Americans in 2017 are less healthy than prior generations (video)
As Americans in their 50s move toward retirement age, many are in worse overall health than their peers in prior generations, researchers warned.
May creating war between generations: Corbyn
Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Conservative Party of fueling a “war between generations” by pitching young people against the old.
Generations of macaques used stone tools to open nuts
New research suggests the wild macaques of coastal Thailand have employed stone tools to pry open oysters and nuts for several generations.

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