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British university given £1m bailout from watchdog
A UK university had to be given an emergency loan of almost £1 million by the higher education watchdog to stay afloat this autumn.
Soldiers given voice in century-old footage in Jackson's new war film
For his new World War One documentary film, 'They Shall Not Grow Old', director Peter Jackson was adamant the soldiers should tell their own stories.
Migrants given new home in wildfires-hit Portuguese town
A group of migrants rescued from the Mediterranean in July by charity ship Aquarius have a new home in Fundao, a small Portuguese town badly hit by wildfires last year, the government said.
Given the right to larger families, Chinese may hold off
China's moves to combat an ageing population by relaxing decades-old curbs on family size have hit an unexpected snag: Many parents are no longer interested in having more babies.
First malaria drug in 60 years given approval
A drug to treat malaria— the first such pill to get approval in 60 years — has been given the green light by authorities in the US.
'Babies given solid food sooner sleep better'
Babies given solid food plus breast milk from three months sleep better than those who are solely breastfed, according to a new study.
Researchers given grant to slow progression of degenerative brain diseases
An Australian research institution has been awarded a research grant to develop a drug to slow the progression of Motor Neurone Disease (MND).
Edinburgh University given £20m for autism studies
Edinburgh University researchers hoping to develop new treatments for autism have received a £20 million funding boost from a US philanthropic foundation.
Frenchman given hero's welcome after new solo yachting record
Frenchman Thomas Coville was given a hero's welcome on his return to the French port of Brest on Monday morning after slashing the record for a solo nonstop circumnavigation of the world.
Banned Platini given permission to address UEFA meeting
Michel Platini was given permission to address European football's governing body UEFA when it meets this week — despite the former president being banned from all football activity.
Congress has given Obama ‘blank check’ to wage wars
The US Congress has given President Barack Obama a “blank check” to wage wars in the Middle East and other parts of the world, says a veterans advocate and social justice organizer in Denver.

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