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Global economy on thin ice with frail trio from China to Germany
The vulnerability of global growth to trade conflicts and dependence on US momentum were exposed as Asia’s biggest economies faltered and Germany barely dodged a recession.
Low Eurozone growth biggest threat to global economy
The Eurozone, the world’s largest macro-economy, continues to pose the biggest threat to global economic stability as the bloc teeters on the edge of recession for the third time in a decade.
South African politician: BRICS is the future of global economy
The five-nation bloc of emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) is a force that could promote inclusive global economic growth.
The global economy is slowing down.  What can governments do about it?
Central banks are getting twitchy. On average, recessions have come along once a decade since the mid-1970s and the nadir of the last downturn occurred almost a decade ago.
Governments can't prevent the next global economic slowdown
In the decade since the financial crisis, central bankers around the world have taken on the mantle of reinvigorating the global economy. By keeping interest rates low and buying up trillions of dollars' worth of government bonds and other assets, these institutions helped to prop up growth at a time when the world desperately needed it.
IMF warns of window ‘narrowing’ for global economy
The window of opportunity for safeguarding global growth is "narrowing" as trade disputes deepen and emerging markets face fiscal crisis, the IMF said Saturday, warning countries against worsening things by weaponizing currency and interest-rate policies.
IMF: 'Dangerous undercurrents' threaten global economy
One of the most comprehensive studies of the state of banking and markets since the financial crisis warns that ‘dangerous undercurrents’ are a rising threat to the world economy.
Global economy: Asia factory activity sputters as trade woes hit export orders
Factory activity in Asia weakened in September, with many trade- reliant economies seeing a slump in export orders in a sign that escalating U.S.-China tensions are taking a toll on business confidence.
Global economy is vulnerable  and central banks aren’t ready
The global economy is looking shaky and the economics chief at the Bank for International Settlements said central banks may be powerless if it all goes awry.
Global economy vulnerable a decade after
By Anis Chowdhury & Jomo Kwame Sundaram *
Trade war, developing countries should respond
The escalating trade war initiated by United States President Donald Trump is a major threat to world trade and the global economy. The developing countries will be among those most affected. It is time for them to respond and speak out.
IMF warns G20 economic leaders  that tariffs hurting global economy
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned world economic leaders that a recent wave of trade tariffs would significantly harm global growth, a day after US President Donald Trump threatened a major escalation in a dispute with China.
The threat of a trade war to the global economy
How big a threat to the world economy are the trade conflicts between the US and its principal trading partners, not only China, but also traditional allies? The answer is it depends on how bad the protectionism becomes and how dire the results would be. But it makes sense to worry: the risks are quite big.
China says US dragging entire global economy into place of danger
China has once again censured the United States for its trade policies, saying Washington would be to blame for a chaotic global economy if it sticks with its “willful” decisions in trade.

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