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Government plans in place to discard tool that expedites fast extradition of criminals
The UK has announced that, despite warnings by senior law enforcement officials, it would not be looking to participate in the European arrest warrant (EAW), which is a crucial tool used to expedite the transfer of criminals across borders with other European countries.
New Tunisia government wins confidence vote in parliament
Tunisia's new government won a confidence vote in parliament on Thursday, after more than four months of political wrangling since elections.
South Sudan’s rival leaders form coalition government
South Sudan opened a new chapter in its fragile emergence from civil war Saturday as rival leaders formed a coalition government that many observers prayed would last this time around.
Turkish government, people reject Trump’s Middle East plan
Shortly after US President Donald Trump announced his self-proclaimed Deal of the Century on Tuesday, Turkey expressed its opposition to the plan.
China virus death toll rises to 169; over 1,000 new cases reported
The number of confirmed deaths from China's viral epidemic has risen to 169, the government said on Thursday, as hard-hit Hubei province reported 37 new fatalities.
Libya’s government forces shoot down rebels’ Emirati-supplied drone
Libyan government forces have shot down an Emirati-supplied drone operated by rebel forces in western Libya.
Iran deems formation of Lebanon’s new govt. as ‘positive step’
Iran hailed the dialogue among different Lebanese parties and the formation of a new government, describing it as a step forward and a positive move to solve the country's problems.
Lebanon names new government amid protests
Lebanon unveiled a new cabinet line-up on Tuesday amid protests, as the government will have to deal with a faltering economy.
Tories to introduce new counter-terrorism bill in March
Freshly invigorated by their resounding success in last month’s general election, the hard right Tory government is pressing ahead with its plans to radicalise Britain’s security environment even further.
Hariri urges new government formation to 'calm popular storm' in Lebanon
Lebanon’s Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri has urged politicians to urgently form a new government and “stop wasting time” to find solutions for the Lebanese economic crisis in order to “calm the popular storm.”
Hariri urges urgent government formation after violent protests
Lebanon’s Saad al-Hariri on Sunday urged politicians to urgently form a new government and find solutions for the country’s economic crisis, after a night of violent clashes between security forces and protesters.
EU Brexit spokesman says Britain assured him about those who do not apply for settled status
The UK government has sought to reassure the EU that its citizens living in the UK will not be deported if they fail to apply for settled status, the European parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator has said. UK Ministers, however, have refused calls to give EU citizens physical proof of their right to stay in the UK after Brexit for fear of “another Windrush” setting off fresh anger.
French refinery strike continues for second day
Staff at seven of France’s eight oil refineries has continued to strike for the second day in protest against a pension reforms plan by the government.
UK government's priority is to leave EU on Jan 31, secure trade deal: Minister
A senior British cabinet minister says the top priority of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government is to leave the European Union on January 31 and secure a new trade deal with the bloc by the end of next year.
Senior UK diplomat in US resigns over government Brexit 'half-truths'
Alexandra Hall Hall, the British diplomat in charge of explaining Brexit to the US government, Congress and public, ended her 33-year foreign service career saying she is no longer prepared to "peddle half-truths" about Brexit on behalf of a government she does not trust.

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