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Austrian no-smoking petition against government reaches 500,000 mark
Half a million Austrians have signed a petition calling for a smoking ban in restaurants, embarrassing the ruling coalition of conservatives and far right that has championed both direct democracy and the right to smoke.
Thousands slam government refugee policy in Belgian capital (Video)
Thousands have taken to the streets of Brussels, the heart of the European Union, in protest at the Belgian government’s refugee policy, calling on authorities to adopt a more ‘humane’ approach in dealing with ‘those without papers.’
Jordan reshuffles cabinet after protesters vow 'uprising'
Jordan's Prime Minister shakes up his cabinet for the sixth time in two years after protesters threaten to resort to ‘uprising’ until the government rolled back price and tax hikes.
Egypt freezes assets of leading government critic
Egypt has frozen the assets of leading government critic Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, arrested earlier this month over alleged links to exiled members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the prosecution said Sunday.
70 million guns produced in US since 2008: Data
US gun manufacturers have produced over 70 million firearms since 2008, quickly escalating the production of rifles and the types of semiautomatic weapons used in recent mass shootings, according to data from the US government and gun industry.
Pakistan lawmakers rap government plan to send troops to Saudi Arabia
Pakistani lawmakers have blasted a recent government decision to deploy troops to Saudi Arabia, saying the move may violate a parliamentary resolution that urges neutrality in the war on Yemen.
Trump signs bill ending government shutdown
US President Donald Trump signed a crucial spending bill Friday, reopening the US government after a brief shutdown, the second in three weeks, and a night of high drama in Congress.
Unrest in Maldives after court blow to government
Tensions ran high in the Maldives on Friday after a shock Supreme Court decision to clear an exiled former president and eight other convicted political dissidents triggered overnight clashes between police and opposition activists.
Thousands attend Albania rally, call for government to resign
Thousands of protesters supporting Albania's opposition have taken to the streets, accusing the government of links to organized crimes and calling for its resignation.
US senators strike deal to re-open government
US President Donald Trump signed a bill reopening the government late Monday, ending a 69-hour display of partisan dysfunction after Democrats reluctantly voted to temporarily pay for resumed operations. They relented in return for Republican assurances that the Senate will soon take up the plight of young immigrant “dreamers” and other contentious issues.
'Democrats cave' on government shutdown: Trump
US President Donald Trump says Democrats have surrendered in the fight over the government shutdown, after they joined Republicans in reopening the government that forced hundreds of thousands of workers to stay at home without pay.
Trump urges Republicans to go ‘nuclear’ on government shutdown
US President Donald Trump has asked his fellow Republicans in Congress to resort to the so-called nuclear option in order to end the ongoing government shutdown.
President Rouhani to address nation on TV
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is scheduled to appear on the national TV at 9:00 pm local time (5:30 GMT) on Monday to address the people on government's future plans.
Venezuela government, opposition to hold new round of talks
Venezuelan government and opposition delegates meeting in the Dominican Republic will hold a new round of talks on Thursday on resolving the crisis facing the country, the Dominican president said.
British government set for Monday reshuffle
Britain's government is to undergo a reshuffle on Monday as Prime Minister Theresa May looks to reassert her authority following a string of high-profile departures, according to MPs.

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