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Tax-weary Greek traders welcome change of government
“Once my taxes are paid, at the end of the day I have 20 or 25 euros left in my pocket,” lamented Greek hairdresser Babis Toumbanos.
UK government not acting fast enough on climate change
The UK government is facing a ‘get real’ moment over global heating, its advisers said.
India's Modi government releases budget to get growth back up, plans structural reforms
India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government unveiled the budget for 2019/2020 on Friday, seeking to reverse weakening growth and investment that threaten to take the shine off a recent landslide election victory.
Half million Indians demand government to declare 'climate emergency'
More than 450,000 people have signed two petitions demanding that the Indian government declare a climate emergency as severe heatwaves and crippling water shortages grip the country.
May government falls short of tree target
Tree planting efforts in England have failed to meet a government target, according to figures released a day after Prime Minister Theresa May announced a new commitment to tackle climate change.
China smog hotspot Hebei meets air standard for first time in May: Government
China’s smog-prone province of Hebei, the country’s biggest steel producing region, met a national air quality standard for the first time last month, its environment bureau said on Tuesday.
Energy bosses urge UK government to host key international climate talks
Energy firm bosses are urging the UK government to do all it can to ensure the country is chosen to hold key international climate talks in 2020.
Bank of Italy warns coalition government against higher spending
The Bank of Italy has cautioned the anti-establishment government in Rome against widening the country’s deficit.
Swiss government unlikely to upgrade economic forecasts after strong Q1
The Swiss government is unlikely to upgrade its economic forecasts for 2019 despite stronger-than-expected growth at the start of the year, a senior economist told Reuters.
Bangladeshi fishermen protest two-month fishing ban
Hundreds of Bangladeshi fishermen staged a protest in the country's south on Sunday, police said, after the government imposed an unprecedented two-month long fishing ban on the Bay of Bengal.
Government troops thwart major terrorist attacks in Syria’s Hama
Syrian army forces have managed to frustrate a series of attacks by militants from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham terrorist group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, in the country’s western-central province of Hama as they are engaged in joint counter-terrorism operations with allied fighters from popular defense groups against the extremists.
UK government toadying to American warmongers: Analyst
A senior analyst from London believes that the UK government is merely obeying the United States when it comes to its policy on Iran.
Government warnings about potential drug safety risks vary a lot across countries
Government warnings about potential drug safety risks vary significantly across countries, according to a new international study coauthored by researchers at the University of British Columbia.
Seriously ill man let down by UK government dies
A British man struggling with serious illnesses which had made him even unable to stand on his feet has died not long after he was denied of the help he was entitled to receive under a government welfare system.

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