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New immigration rules will stop overseas graduates starting businesses we need
With Brexit and a global recession looming, the UK needs the talents of enterprising overseas students more than ever. But the outlook is gloomy: there’s been a sharp decline in entrepreneurship among immigrants since the EU referendum. While that’s perhaps unsurprising given the anti-immigration rhetoric that Brexit has spawned, it’s bad news for our economy.
England’s UWE Bristol project to close race pay gap faced by graduates
A project to close the race pay gap experienced by graduating Asian, black and minority ethnic (BME) students is rolling out across a university in England.
Police detective entry system targets graduates
The 12-week scheme is being developed in response to a severe shortage of police investigators.
Ethnic minority graduates less likely to have jobs than white peers
Graduates from black, Asian or minority-ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in the UK are less likely to be in work than their white peers , new analysis has shown.
Young graduates reluctant to move for new jobs
The unwillingness of young graduates to move from their home regions is behind a marked drop in Britain’s labor mobility since the turn of the millennium, a thinktank said.
Eight in ten graduates never pay back their full student loan
Almost eight in ten graduates in the UK will never pay back their full student loan under the new tuition fees system, a major report has found.
Half of UK graduates who paid £9,000 tuition fees live with parents
Almost half of students who were among the first cohort to graduate after paying £9,000 tuition fees have moved back in with their parents after leaving university, according to new research by the National Union of Students.
Graduates from poorer backgrounds earn less
Graduates from richer families earn significantly more than poorer students who do the same degree at the same university, a huge study of over quarter of a million people has found.
Employers 'fight it out' for top graduates
The UK's leading employers are fighting it out for a handful of top candidates, as the graduate jobs market continues to improve, a report says.
UK spy agency targeting top tech grads
A top UK military spy agency plans to target top science and technology college graduates to fast-track them into espionage and surveillance work before they enter the private sector.
Sama College prepare students for jobs
More than 1,000 girl students are studying architecture, graphic design, computer, accounting and physical education in Mashhad’s Sama Technical-Vocational College, said the head of the college.

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