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'Silent-type' cells play greater role in brain behavior than previously thought
Brain cells recorded as among the least electrically active during a specific task may be the most important to doing it right.
Men who can't do 10 push-ups at greater risk of heart disease, study says
Middle-aged men who can’t complete 10 push-ups are at significantly higher risk of heart attacks or strokes, a study has found.
Greater Manchester to ban fracking
Greater Manchester is to effectively ban fracking, raising the prospect of fresh confrontation with the government over the controversial industry.
2019 brings Germans greater fear of old-age poverty
More and more Germans are worried about not being able to make ends meet when they retire, a new study showed.
Tall people at greater risk of cancer 'because they have more cells'
Report suggests link between height and cancer risk could simply be because there are more cells for something to go wrong in.
Short children at greater risk for stroke as adults
Researchers from Denmark are suggesting a potential — and unusual — risk factor for stroke: Being short as a kid.
Greater access to higher education could have reversed EU referendum result
Greater access to Higher Education in the UK could have reversed the result of the 2016 EU referendum, according to new research from the University of Leicester.
Premature infants at greater risk of SIDS
A new study from Rutgers University researchers has found that premature infants are still at a greater risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
Study identifies factors for greater college success
Educational attainment is a national priority because it creates both economic and personal gains: Higher incomes, better individual and family health and deeper civic engagement.
China calls for greater counter-terrorism cooperation with Turkey
Beijing has called for the expansion of counter-terrorism cooperation with Ankara, amid reported concerns that a Turkic ethnic group from China’s western Xinjiang region is fighting alongside militants in the Middle East.
Income inequality pushes people to take greater risks
A trio of American researchers, two with the University of North Carolina and the other with the University of Kentucky, has conducted two kinds of experiments with results suggesting that income inequality in a society can lead those on the bottom to take more risks in hopes of increasing their position.
Greater public awareness about divorce essential
The growth in divorce rate in the society can raise the frequency of many social disorders including addiction, burglary, poverty and unemployment.
Stress can pose greater risk of dementia
People who are easily stressed could be more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, a study warned.
Communities must play greater role in police hate crime training
Communities need to play a greater role in police training following the rise in reported hate crime incidents following the EU referendum, said the author of a report into how officers are trained to deal with hate crime.

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