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Going green could make the Sahara Desert…go green
The world’s largest hot desert — with a scant population, strong winds and unobstructed exposure to the sun — is an idyllic landscape for generating renewable energy, according to new research.
Green spaces are a mental balm for city dwellers
A splash of green in an urban landscape can lift the spirits of city residents, a new study suggested.
Green spaces are a mental balm for city dwellers
A splash of green in an urban landscape can lift the spirits of city residents, a new study suggested.
Researchers may have figured out toxic, lime green lizard blood
The blood of a unique group of lizards in New Guinea runs green, a bright lime green, thanks to the excess of biliverdin, a green bile pigment, flowing through their veins.
How green, flexible infrastructure can make cities resilient
Examine any piece of urban infrastructure — a street, sidewalk, park bench, or dock — and evidence of a losing battle is quickly evident. Nature has always been a relentless destroyer of anything wooden, stone, or steel.
Faced with global warming, aviation aims to turn green
Will we someday be able to fly without the guilt of causing environmental damage? A handful of firms and regulators hope that the electric revolution in cars will also take to the skies, helping the industry cope with an expected boom in travel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Iran joins green gasoline producers
Iran is producing high-octane gasoline at the oldest oil refinery in the Middle East to join the world club of green gasoline producers.
Species hitch a ride on birds, wind to join green roof communities
New research suggested that species that live on green roofs arrived by hitching lifts on birds or by riding air currents.
Green Brexit is impossible to guarantee, EU is warned
The European Conservative and Reformist group which represents Conservative MEPs has said Brexit will make it ‘impossible’ to guarantee that current environmental standards can be maintained in Britain or the EU.
Photo: Green waters in southern port
Green waters in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas caused surprise to visitors. Seaweed-banking turned the coastal and offshore waters green that would not last more than a few days according to local fishermen.
Have you unknowingly become a green tea addict?
Green tea addiction is not really considered a thing. This is because we all know green tea as a detox drink and are unaware that it is also a caffeinated drink — yes, the same caffeine which we try to restrict in our day-to-day diet.
Green power to energize British industrial growth
It was over a year ago that the lights went out at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
Cyborg bacteria deliver green fuel source from sunlight
Scientists created bacteria covered in tiny semiconductors that generate a potential fuel source from sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.
Green tea may cut cognitive impairment
A study published in The FASEB Journal, involving mice, suggested that Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), the most abundant catechin and biologically active component in green tea, could alleviate high-fat and high-fructose (HFFD)-induced insulin resistance and cognitive impairment.
India's new solar auction lights the way to Modi's green targets
Solar power in India fell to a record 3.30 rupees (5 US cents) a kilowatt-hour on Feb. 10 after a World Bank-backed auction helped the central Madhya Pradesh state tender 750 megawatts of power. The auction format, which included payment guarantees and was run by the state and central governments, could become a template fueling growth in other regions and bringing energy security to the world’s second-most-populous country, according to Bloomberg.

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