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New Mexico chile plant selected to be grown in space
It’ll be one giant leap for chile-kind.
Researchers operate lab-grown heart cells by remote control
Researchers at University of California (UC) San Diego School of Medicine and their collaborators have developed a technique that allows them to speed up or slow down human heart cells growing in a dish on command — simply by shining a light on them and varying its intensity.
Sahara has grown 10% in 100 years
Africa's Sahara Desert has grown 10 percent in nearly 100 years, according to a new study by scientists at the University of Maryland.
'Saudi Arabia has grown so miserable it conspires with Israel against Iran'
Iran’s defense minister says Saudi Arabia, which has a history of teaming up with other regimes against Tehran, has now become so miserable as to ally itself with Israel against the Islamic Republic.
Healthy mice from lab-grown eggs
Japanese scientists say they have created healthy baby mice from eggs they made entirely in the lab using a sample of mouse skin cells.
Scientists to grow human eyes
You’ll soon be able to see the future with eyes grown in petri dishes. Scientists at Japan’s Osaka University have found a new way to turn stem cells into a human eyeball in what is (needless to say) a remarkable breakthrough for the medical community.

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