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Annual saffron harvest to hit 430 tons: Official
Iran expects its saffron production to reach 430 tons in the current Iranian year (started March 21), said the medicinal plants project manager of Iran's Ministry of Agriculture.
Meet the robot lending a cyber-hand to Cornwall’s cauliflower harvest
Harvesting a cauliflower is not as simple as it looks.
Myanmar harvests abandoned Rohingya fields, raising fears for return
Myanmar's government began harvesting rice from farmland abandoned by Rohingya in northern Rakhine on Saturday, officials said, a move likely to raise concerns about the prospect of return for more than half a million refugees who have fled communal violence in the area.
Scientists harvest electricity from tears
Sad about the battery drain on your new smartphone? A good cry might help. Scientists have found a way to harvest electricity from tears.
Blue leaves help begonias harvest energy in low light
Iridescent blue leaves on some begonias aren’t just for show — they help the plants harvest energy in low light.
New 'water-oozing' nanorods could be used to harvest H2O
When an experiment-gone-wrong produced peculiar carbon-rich nanorods, researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory decided to take a closer look.
Global warming reduces  wheat production
Wheat plays an important role in feeding the world, but climate change threatens its future harvest.
Iranian harvest festivals
Many Iranian festivals, which date back to ancient times, are celebrated in the harvest season annually.

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