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How do you know if you have anemia?
Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia can cause a wide range of symptoms, some of which can be very subtle. If left untreated the condition can cause health problems, so it’s essential to see a doctor if you think you might be anemic. Here are the symptoms to look out for.
India to have almost 100% school attendance by 2022
By 2022, as it celebrates 75 years of independence, India also hopes to have addressed the needs of millions belonging to poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities.
Bamboo-biting giant pandas have special teeth recovery function
A research by Chinese scientists found the tooth enamel of giant pandas has a special recovery function to make their teeth resistant to wear from crunching bamboo branches.
Report: Half of US adults have family member who has been incarcerated
Nearly half of all American adults have an immediate family member who has experienced incarceration, according to a new study published on Thursday that spotlights the extent of mass imprisonment in the US.
Nine signs your child could have mental health disorder
Thousands of kids as young as two are now said to be living with mental disorders, the National Health Service (NHS) warns.
Tall people at greater risk of cancer 'because they have more cells'
Report suggests link between height and cancer risk could simply be because there are more cells for something to go wrong in.
Three things that have gone wrong for Man Utd
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho suffered the heaviest home defeat of his coaching career as Tottenham Hotspur won 3-0 at Old Trafford on Monday to deepen an early-season crisis for the Red Devils.
Media: Japan ministries may have inflated numbers of disabled employees
Several ministries in Japan may have inflated their numbers of disabled employees for more than four decades, media said on Friday, while companies that miss quotas set by law face fines.
What stage of a career is the best time to have children?
When Heidi Ridley was interviewed for jobs at two leading financial institutions during her first pregnancy, the prospective employers’ responses could not have been more different.
Iran can have 100% renewable grid by 2030: Study
Iran has the capacity to build a 100% renewable energy system by 2030 with about $187 billion of investment, a Finnish university study has found.
US, Israel have no doubt in Iran defense strength
Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said if the US and Israel had the slightest doubt about Iran’s defense capabilities, they would have started a war against the country.
Mothers lose more sleep the more children they have
Each child increases a mother’s chances of having her sleep disturbed by 50 percent, a research showed.
Ibrahimovic to have statue erected in Sweden
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been named Sweden's top player for a 10th successive year and will have a statue erected in his honor outside the stadium where he embarrassed England.
Russians 'have cleanest team' as 271 athletes cleared to compete in Rio
Russia will have 271 athletes eligible to compete at the Rio Games, said the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
IOC panel to have final say on Russian Olympic ban
The International Olympic Committee said a three-member panel will make the "final decision" on which Russian athletes can compete in the Rio Olympics, set to begin in less than a week.

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